An online trip to Fair Wonderland

Hi fair peopz,

After the ecological shopping tour in Brussels, a lot of people were eager to know more about sustainable shopping in the city.. I can tell all of you that there are more cities waiting in my shopping cart. But first things first: My new online discoveries!

 I offer you a couple of webshops full of ecological treasures where you can shop with a clear consciousness.

 Avocadostore is a German based webshop with a clear and conscious heart, they want to offer an online market full of green stuff that is also payable with a normal sized bankaccount 🙂

I personally think they manage it well! No nonsense clothes with a good quality.


Fine Birds  is also a German based webshop and uses “It’s only Fine Feathers that make Fine Birds” as their main philosophy. Their main goal is to combine luxury with fairness.. sounds great, right?

You can score nice all-day pieces but also some high-fashion coolio’s too.


  • Nice to know : Both Avocadostore as Fine Birds are selling the nice vegan shoe collection of Nine to Five! #verrrywantedbyME





Belgian Based webshop full of ecological clothes but also other nice green necessities 🙂

They offer nice and sweet clothes to wear on an everyday-basis.


Giving clothing pieces a 2nd life, certainly gives you points for sustainability.

If you like vintage pieces and you love handmade material, well then you certainly like the selection of clothes in the online closet of ‘LA RELIGIEUSE’.


Have a nice shopping spree sweeties!

XoXo Mary




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