An eco-fashion tour in Brussels!

Hi dear fashionista,


I really love to take you all with me to Brussels on a sustainable shopping trip!

I confess to you all of my sweet spots and wish you all a good hunting 🙂

I have a soft spot for high-end 2nd-hand clothing so first I introduce to you 2 secondhand-shops I really love in the Quartier Dansaert.

From an ethical point of view, 2nd-handclothing is really ok. In our consumption-society of today, people are tired of clothes much faster than the expiration date of the clothes and certainly if they are made by hand (designer pieces often are!) and made out of natural fabrics like cotton and silk (sustainable products!).

Afterwards I let you meet my favorite honest designers in that hood. 

  1. Leon Lapage : VĂȘtue

No dusty feeling over here! VĂȘtue is a nice minimalistic shop which has the look of a fancy boutique and, in a way, it certainly is. There is a nice selection of high-end-labels and all of the clothing are in a really good condition.

New in the hood : the VĂȘtue Man Store, same street and same professionalism.

Adress :

Léon Lepagestraat 12 , 1000 Brussel 

2. Kartuizerstraat :  Isabelle Bajart

Isabelle Bajart is certainly my favorite shop.

You can find here a selection of high-end goodies of all ages, from vintage till quite recent collections and here’s an extra nice tip : in the sales-period, you can find big designers for  really small prices.

Not all the clothing is in a perfect condition but it’s certainly an honest price if it doesn’t.

Clothes, shoes, bags and a big selection of belts can be found there. And outfits I made earlier with things out of this nice shop can be found here and here

Adress :

Kartuizersstraat 25 , 1000 Brussel

3. Valérie Berckmans

That I’m a fan of ValĂ©rie’s work, you already knew from this article I wrote for FabulousFairFashion.

ValĂ©rie uses ecological fabrics and produces in Belgium and France. She doesn’t care about seasons, she presents her new collections whenever she feels like it.

Her shop in Brussels is nice, as is she 🙂 She does your styling with pleasure and honesty. The pieces are minimalistic but always a little catchy, subtile and stylish!

Adress :

Van Arteveldestraat 8, 1000 Brussel

4. Maureen De Clercq 

This designer teaches in the Fashion Academy of Sint-Niklaas and shows her mĂ©tier in her own label. The pieces are all made in Belgium and I like to call them ‘classic with a twist’. A beautiful honest look guaranteed!


Leon Lepagestraat 61, 1000 Brussel

So I guess you’re in for coffee now?

Or maybe something stronger.. I can recommend ‘Les Gens Que J’aime‘ for both, a typical Brussels type of place.. no further comment needed, just walk in and enjoy 🙂

Adress :

Zuidstraat 15, 1000 Brussel 


Have a great afternoon, hunters!

I always do out there 🙂

XoXo Mary



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