Marie-Antoinette & Fast Fashion

Dear Fair Fashionfans,

I have an invitation for you!


Has your inner fair fashionista ever dreamed of this :

A day to celebrate all nice and honest initiatives..

A day to discover more fair goodies and cool projects..

A day suited for your inner fair fashionista!

This sunday it is totally happening in Mechelen from 11h till 17h.

Oh my.. you guys!..There will be a market with so much nice and honest stuff, your heart is going to skip a beat..or even two maybe

Yes, we are not only capitalism victims: we want to learn something. And indeed we will.. because the program schedule includes some very nice documentaries .

You are a princess who likes to craft with your lovely hands? No worries, enough workshops for you, mylady!

For those of you who wants eye candy.. Yes, a fashionshow is on the menu too 🙂

And.. there will also be fast peptalks about fair fashion..yours truly included 🙂

Do you want to know why I offer Marie-Antoinette a lot of space on my blog and why I think this (not so sweet) fashionable lady needs a space in my talk?

Let’s meet on sunday at 14.15u and tell me if our royal highness deserves the spot!

XoXo Mary

Mary original png

Click HERE for more information and for the full program.



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