Get rid & Get new

Hi dear fair fashionista’s,

As I pointed out in my preview post, consuming nice things gives me a happy feeling. Though I have already a lot of nice stuff… *dreaming away for a sec*

Woman do get a kick when they lay their eyes on a new fashion prey.

Oh my.. you guys I sound truly like a fashion predator..*guilty face* well huh I do come with solutions you know ūüėČ

To get the rush but not again less space and a little riot in your household (cause your significant other seems to think that he can’t live without like 10 cm space less *rolleyes*) can switch your clothes!

I already offered you some solutions to sell your clothing online in this post.

But what’s clearly different here, my dear predator friend, yes : the high of a new piece is included indeed and you don’t have to give extra money to enjoy it ūüėČ

You are 3 steps away from an ecological solution my dear friend.

Step 1 : Clear your closet

Step 2 : Take the pieces from the ‘away’ and take them with you to a swishing party.

Step 3 : donate your pieces, get points in return and go shopping in the away-pieces of another fashionista, you can ‘buy’ something with your points.

I would like to share an outfit that I made, with a swishing-item, scored on the swishing party at the M-fair.

Traphal 2

traphal 3

Traphal 1

traphal 4

Dress: People Tree by Fabulousfairfashion / Belt : swishing item on M-fair/ Polkadot Stockings : 40 Denier Swedish Stockings / Shoes : 2nd hand by Doek

Where do you find your swishing item?

You can always organise a party with your fashionable friends ‚̧

Or if you live in Belgium, you can go to one of the parties from ‘’, this organization¬†organizes several swishing-parties around the country and donates the clothes who aren’t picked to a social cause.¬†

There are also several swishing-events on fashion festivals, like M-fair and Fairfashionfestival in Ghent.

Have a nice high, you eco-chick!

XoXo Mary


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