My Pompon Discovery

Dear Fairfashionfans,

A while ago, I was a guest in beautiful Greece.. a country filled with dreamy beaches, kind people and tons of olives.

As I wrote earlier in a previous post, the people are beside kind also seriously touched by Aphrodite.

But I had also another discovery on my journey, a really cosy one actually:

 The pompons pantofolo!

Pantofolos are made from grey and white lambswool and have a non-slip suede sole. They have embroidery patterns on them and a giant pompon in the front.
The production of pantofolos is the specialty of a small family-run business in Greece, which guarantees work to approximately 20 women of the neighbouring village. Sound nice, no? 

Meet my lovely greek pompons in this styling post :

_MG_8085_MG_8072I’m wearing a denim blouse from Peopletree by fabulousfairfashion, bio cotton pants also from Peopletree. My accessories are from Maryshoppings : a handmade necklace with recycled material from MadeByMir and a wooden watch from Kerbholz, for this watch, there’s a new tree planted.

And of course, last but not least : my gorgeous pompons pantofolo’s ❤

Have a nice day! 



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