Will MaryShoppings became Mary Poppins?

Wearing my heels and having no sleep

A sneak peak in my calendar learned me that my weekends give a pretty good overview of my life as it is. Saturday Afternoons are for baby visits with coffee and treats; Saturday Nights stands for parties with cocktails. Both events in heels off course. So after the laughing, the cuddles and the whispers, the sweets, the cocktails and the treats, both events left me tired and with unhappy feet.

So that’s where I stand…somewhere in a place between babies and parties. I couldn’t tell which event made me happier. Both trips offered me loud noises, headache and almost no sleep.. making me wonder: is having a baby like having a party? (That is : If I’m allowed to drink cocktails either way of course, just to be clear!)

Somewhere in the beginning of my twenties, this phrase would have let me choke in an olive at the bar.. but now in my late twenties, it looks more like a party invitation..

So now, will I attend?




Styling Information :

Coat : Handmade by tailor in Fez, Morocco

Shirt : Essentiel Antwerp, Belgium

Belt : Atelier Anvertsoie (zero-waste-method!), Belgium

Skirt : Vanessa Bruno Athé, bought 2ndhand from another fashionista (Mirror of Fashion)on Fashionup

Pumps : Olivier Strelli, Belgium

Pictures by Evy Waegeneire


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