Sustainable Fashion Guest Post: What is fair to me? by MaryShoppings

Hi fair people,

This week I’ve written a guestpost on the Swedish Fair blog ‘Ecosphere’ about what is fair fashion to me.

If you guys missed it in Sweden, I’m glad to share it again in Belgium 🙂



Sustainable Fashion Guest Post: What is fair to me? by MaryShoppings.


What’s going on underneath the cape?

Stylists in Cape! #fashionmistery

Dear Fair friends, 

The different capes on the picture are the result of the neat sawing work of social sewing workplace ‘T Godhuishammeke’ in Ghent and they will be used at the fashion show that takes place at 15.45u on the FairFashionFestival in the MIAT in Ghent.

Kapmantel jumping
Jumping Stylists!

As you can see, the stylists are eager to show off the results of our fair styling skills underneath the capes.. Are you curious how the capes will be used and mostly : what lies underneath?


Consider yourself invited!

Fair Fashion Poster

Pictures by Jan Lietaert

Stylists on the picture : Kaat Meys, Machteld Vervaet, Stefanie Carrijn

Hello addiction, always nice to meet again..

In my humble opinion :

One should always start their every-day-styling with proper attention for lingerie. It makes your clothes looks nicer and most important : it makes you feel better.

In that mindset, I admit that I have a very full little closet 😉

This week my fair treasurehunt brought me to the lovely ethical designer   Stella McCartney with this sweet thing :

I looove the combination between sweet, playful and sophisticated
It feels so soft!

FullSizeRender[2]In this Valentine month, I guess there will be much more treasurehunting for the little closet so if you’re a fair lady like me or a fair man with a plan, you might find some sweetness over here :

Under Protection

La fille d’oh : Belgian!

Pants of Poverty

Luva Huva

Clare Bare

Brook There

Stella McCartney

A couple of my personal favorites :

Brook There 1
Brook There  : Cosy but stylish!
Clare Bare 1
ClareBare : Soft & Sexy
Clare Bare 2
ClareBare : Wonderful bottoms!
ClareBare 3
ClareBare : Sweet Chic
Luva Huva : sophisticated and beautiful!
Stella McCartney
Stella McCartney : no words needed, no sleep either…
Luva Huva : Red lace but so classy..

So I hope you now know that there are plenty of ethical, beautiful and soft materials out there to spoil yourself with or maybe, in this month, being spoiled with 😉

Have a happy and gorgeous Valentine everyone!

A sweater and a (Girlie) skirt, really?

Dear Fair ladies,

This week I’d like to present you the result of a styling session I did to prove that sweaters do fit with -in my case- a girlie skirt.

I admired the look from Elena Borden and Elisa Nalin in Elle and what I loved about it was the mixture of nonchalance and sweet chic so I went for it myself…
IMG_0718I started my look…with an ethical sweater from Les Gens de Labas and a Belgian designed skirt from Odette en Ville

IMG_0720Shirt : Ralph Lauren/Jewelry : BIBA/Sweaters : Les Gens de Labas / Skirt : Odette en Ville / Glasses : Dolce & Gabanna

Ethical clothing information

* Les Gens de Labas designes and produces in Belgium with organic material.

They also design jewelry in Morocco in their own workingspace where they are doing job creation for berbers, native inhabitants.

* Odette en Ville designes in Belgium and produces in Portugal

* Unfortunately Ralph Lauren and Dolce & Gabanna scored only E on the Rankabrand-app 

*BIBA Jewelry : no information found 

Will MaryShoppings became Mary Poppins?

Wearing my heels and having no sleep

A sneak peak in my calendar learned me that my weekends give a pretty good overview of my life as it is. Saturday Afternoons are for baby visits with coffee and treats; Saturday Nights stands for parties with cocktails. Both events in heels off course. So after the laughing, the cuddles and the whispers, the sweets, the cocktails and the treats, both events left me tired and with unhappy feet.

So that’s where I stand…somewhere in a place between babies and parties. I couldn’t tell which event made me happier. Both trips offered me loud noises, headache and almost no sleep.. making me wonder: is having a baby like having a party? (That is : If I’m allowed to drink cocktails either way of course, just to be clear!)

Somewhere in the beginning of my twenties, this phrase would have let me choke in an olive at the bar.. but now in my late twenties, it looks more like a party invitation..

So now, will I attend?




Styling Information :

Coat : Handmade by tailor in Fez, Morocco

Shirt : Essentiel Antwerp, Belgium

Belt : Atelier Anvertsoie (zero-waste-method!), Belgium

Skirt : Vanessa Bruno Athé, bought 2ndhand from another fashionista (Mirror of Fashion)on Fashionup

Pumps : Olivier Strelli, Belgium

Pictures by Evy Waegeneire

I shopped in a Fashionista’s closet!

Dear Fair ladies,

I’ve talked with you about a couple of tricks to consume in a smarter and more fairer way. Because when you feel the urge to shop, there are still a lot of fair possibilities, one of them is shopping in another Fashionista’s closet, as you can read HERE 

About that..I’d like to share some outfits I made with a vintage Escada blazer I bought on Fashionup from another Fashionista (Blogster) : Lima Ché

I styled it in 2 different ways :



Blazer : Vintage Escada / FauxFur : Barts / Belt : Atelier Anvertsoie / Purse : Essentiel / Pants : Alchemist / Shirt : H&M / Shoes : Jhay_MG_6141 _MG_6166 _MG_6184 _MG_6203 _MG_6219Blazer : Vintage Escada / Pants : Alchemist / Scarf : Hellen van Berkel / Shoes : BCBG By Max Azria / Purse : Handmade purse bought in Londen Spittafields Market

Pictures by Evy Waegeneire

Last call for present hunters!

For all you wonderful fair people out there, I present to you one last treasure-hunt-tip for (your) man :

Go for wood !

Wooden accessories often create a cool and sophisticated appearance without a snobistic or a too-much-yuppie-look and that….. I like 🙂

What I also like is the wonderful story of three German friends who decided to built a label with wooden accessories out of a great idea of sustainability: for each product that you’re buying from Kerbholz , they plant a tree in Cen­tral America.

My man is already responsible for one watch-tree, what about yours? 🙂

A couple of my favorites! I bought my man the darkbrown one on the left, he loves it :-)
A couple of my favorites!
I bought my man the darkbrown one on the left, he loves it 🙂
My man, his watch, not our dog :-)
My man, his watch, not our dog 🙂