Who is Mary?

stefanie kleurHi there,

I’m a twentysomething (okay I’m much closer to thirty than to twenty) young woman with an urge to shop, a passion for fashion & lifestyle and a big heart for justice and honesty.

Above that I’m also very much in love with life, my boyfriend and my little fluffball Froufrou.

At this stage in my life and in the society as it is today, I find myself -as a young woman- in different roles and constantly stimulated by impulses. It makes me wonder… a lot

I’m currently struggling with matching my Maryshoppings lifestyle with my caring heart. I like nice things but they often have more than just a monetary price.

In this blog you can follow my search trough slow fashion, honest fabrics, inventive alternatives and so to a more ethic fashion-and lifestyle.

          Meet my world and my wonders..

Picture by Evy Waegeneire


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