‘Mooi’ : A Pretty Invitation Alert!

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Photographer : Pieter van den Boogert

‘Fashion is about beauty and the story behind fashion can be equally beautiful’

Bruno Pieters, Belgian Fashion Designer of Honest By Bruno Pieters
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Photographer : Pieter Van Den Boogert

If you are the owner of a fashionable heart, you know that you’re often seen as a superficial spoiled little brat without a descent look at the world.

Caring about who made your clothes and being a true fashionista can be the fact though.

I would like to invite all the (non-) believers to come and meet us at Mooi Festival in Antwerp.

What can you aspect?

* You can listen to some wise fair words from Niels Oskam (Rank A Brand), Willa Stoutenbeek (W.Green)  and a few more! This speakers will definitely rock your view on fair fashion.

* You can meet designers like with a clear, sustainable vision on fashion, they already brought their plan in action and love to pry with it on the fair. ūüėȬ†

* If you want to practice what you heard, you can buy some lovely goodies in the market

If you want to prepare what you going to wear at the festival, this app can certainly help you do it!

More sustainable apps over here.

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All you want to know about Mooi Festival, you can find over HERE

Fair Fashion Festival Ghent : The Styling Files

Dear Fair Fashion Fans,

I’ve been the last couple of months so busy with the styling for the fashionshow for the Fair Fashion Festival in Ghent and after the big happening on sunday, I’m a little proud of the result so after the teasers, I present you my favorites with all the styling details :


Shoes underneath this picture in detail / entire outfit from Supergoods
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Shoes Swedish Hasbeens



Shoes : Swedish Hasbeens
Shoes underneath this picture in detail
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Shoes Swedish Hasbeens
Entire Outfit from Supergoods



deel 2 terra jumpsuit front 1080 x1920
Front sight

Dia15 Dia16

Dia29 Dia31 Dia33Dia35

Skirt and pants : Cora Kemperman

deel 2 lange witte bloes 1080 x1920 Dia46


Information about the labels : 


You can find them online : 



Hellen van Berkel 

Atelier Anvertsoie

Barbara Munsel

Kerbholz,WEWOOD, Hellen van Berkel, Atelier AnVertSoie and Barbara Munsel are represented in Belgium by Fashion Agency Garderobe+

Nele Huysmans 

Cora Kemperman 


Goed Vandoen

Anders Getint

Yak & Yeti



If you’re interested in the complete styling files, without selection, you can view this over HERE

What’s going on underneath the cape?

Stylists in Cape! #fashionmistery

Dear Fair friends, 

The different capes on the picture are the result of the neat sawing work of social sewing workplace ‘T Godhuishammeke’ in Ghent and they will be used at the fashion show that takes place at 15.45u on the FairFashionFestival in the MIAT in Ghent.

Kapmantel jumping
Jumping Stylists!

As you can see, the stylists are eager to show off the results of our fair styling skills underneath the capes.. Are you curious how the capes will be used and mostly : what lies underneath?


Consider yourself invited!

Fair Fashion Poster

Pictures by Jan Lietaert

Stylists on the picture : Kaat Meys, Machteld Vervaet, Stefanie Carrijn

FairFashionFestival : The Styling Teasers

Dear Fair Ladies and Gentlemen,

Who’s ready for the FairFashionFestival in Ghent?

These models are!

Styled, prepped and ready to shine on the runway..or do I have to say : stairs?

Enjoy a little eye candy in sneak preview..

Model : Eveline Versluys
Model : Elien Defoor
Model : Michiel Schaeverbeke
Model : Elien Defoor
Model : Katelijne Vervaet
Model : Marjolein Vlerick
Model : Lisa Defoor
Model : Jorunn Dieleman
Model : Jesse Vanden Eynde
Model : Iris Deklerck
Modellen : Johannes Obers & Jolien de Kinderen
Modellen : Johannes Obers & Jolien de Kinderen
Model : Johannes Obers
Model : Jolien de Kinderen
Model : Jolien de Kinderen

The details of the styling will follow soon after the show on the 1st of March.

Pictures by Jan Lietaert

Styling by Machteld Vervaet, Kaat Meys and Stefanie Carrijn (aka Mary ūüėČ )