Shop in order to Safe

As you can see on THIS page, I’m playing for the ‘dogs are so fluffy- team’.         But when my boyfriend and I just bought our little Froufrou, we often were shocked by the intolerance towards our little fluffball. All of a sudden we were playing against the ‘dogs are so scary, sleezy, dirty-team’.

Not a very pleasant experience but hey, everyone is entitled to have an opinion so we still cross the street but leave F. at home or *shhush* him one more time extra.

It’s ok, we’re still nice to the old angry lady who shouted really evil things to Froufrou because he sniffs in her mini rose garden or the spoiled little brat with her mylittlepony-bag who actually kicked at him.. we don’t like you guys either but hey, we adjust and we keep smiling!

What is certainly not ok and what really removes my smile is the way some people treat animals. Almost everyday, you can read articles in the newspaper about animal abuse. Real horribly stories..

Arm the animals is an organization that fights for animals which are or were treated badly. They give them a voice and are really trying to help them. In order to do that properly, they sell t-shirts and sweaters.

Their Mission: To Save Animals – One Shirt At A Time!

So if you buy a piece, you buy a voice for our team ☺

And as I promised you last week, this month is all about the man so look at my favorite  animal/man-treats below.

Giraf Hond hond 2 rendier

My boyfriend’s choice : a cosy jumper with a ‘tough cookie Panda’
His favorite print : the tough cookie 🙂