Fair Fashion Festival Ghent : The Styling Files

Dear Fair Fashion Fans,

I’ve been the last couple of months so busy with the styling for the fashionshow for the Fair Fashion Festival in Ghent and after the big happening on sunday, I’m a little proud of the result so after the teasers, I present you my favorites with all the styling details :


Shoes underneath this picture in detail / entire outfit from Supergoods
Schermafbeelding 2015-03-03 om 17.40.08
Shoes Swedish Hasbeens



Shoes : Swedish Hasbeens
Shoes underneath this picture in detail
Schermafbeelding 2015-03-03 om 17.49.35
Shoes Swedish Hasbeens
Entire Outfit from Supergoods



deel 2 terra jumpsuit front 1080 x1920
Front sight

Dia15 Dia16

Dia29 Dia31 Dia33Dia35

Skirt and pants : Cora Kemperman

deel 2 lange witte bloes 1080 x1920 Dia46


Information about the labels : 


You can find them online : 



Hellen van Berkel 

Atelier Anvertsoie

Barbara Munsel

Kerbholz,WEWOOD, Hellen van Berkel, Atelier AnVertSoie and Barbara Munsel are represented in Belgium by Fashion Agency Garderobe+

Nele Huysmans 

Cora Kemperman 


Goed Vandoen

Anders Getint

Yak & Yeti



If you’re interested in the complete styling files, without selection, you can view this over HERE

So Eco is my tree !

First of all : Merry Christmas dear fair friends!

Second : I asked you a couple of weeks ago in this article how eco your christmastree is, I told about my tree that became 3 this year and how I try every year to find a new creative way to decorate my paper friend. This year, I gave him a touch of gold and 2nd hand christmas balls : See for it yourself!

Golden tree
A touch of Gold on a snowy paper tree

*How How How* Eco is your tree?

It’s getting colder outside and….Mister Santa is right around the corner!

So it’s quite possible, ladies, that you’re already in the decorate-mood to make your living room totally christmassy 🙂

For those of you who are : I would like to share an idea to give your christmastree an eco-touch because what fits more the christmas spirit than a caring heart, right?

3 years ago my boyfriend and I bought a paper christmastree, which we can re-use for several years- and every year we are trying to find a new creative way to decorate it.

Year 1 : stuffed it full of cuddly animals
Year 1 : stuffed it full of cuddly animals

Christmastree 2
Year 2 : We made baubles out of pictures we made in the past year

We bought ours from ‘O Denneboom‘ at Decovry: You can find them over Here