Mary in the middle of an exciting summer!

Hello Fair Peopz,

At Maryshoppings, we're starting a busy summer full of new excited stuff, I'll give you a peek.

In June, I had to embrace a new collaboration. A fine webshop from Amsterdam with a conscious fair heart was in need of a blogster with the same (styling) view on the voila : A united fair team was born!

Every week, I’m writing a Dutch fair piece for this lovely shop.

Schermafbeelding 2015-07-03 om 14.25.16
Picture by Evy Waegeneire

Schermafbeelding 2015-07-03 om 14.24.11

A couple of weeks later, another collaboration became clear : Pernilla from the Swedish Fashionblog Ecosphere asked me about what I taught was a fair outfit..once again you can view my choice in the picture underneath. Want to read why? Read this article. 

Picture by Evy Waegeneire

In the meanwhile, sales has started on the webshop!

I have to deal with a weird sales-customer lately, he buys sunglasses but seems to think it is a scarf  *confused*

FullSizeRender FullSizeRender[1]

With a new fashion season coming up, Maryshoppings’webshop is in happy expectation of some fine new labels. Meet the handmade jewelry- and accessory goodies from MIMZ and the wooden treasures of WEWOOD :


Me with one of the goodies! Yes there’s a Bambi involved.




wewood1banner_slide1 wewood

Soon avalaible at Maryshoppings!

Stay tuned for more fair fashion news..a little secret : There’s maybe a give-away coming up 😉 *SSShhhh*

C u soon at Maryshoppings or Fabulous Fair Fashion 


Froufrou’s first one!

Hello Everyone,

It’s a new year so I get new chances to win over your hearts and work at the smile upon your face.

I thought it was about time I did a first official post, all about me!

At the end of 2014 I had a blast in a white room with cookies, a nice lady called my name and did funny stuff, when I went along with her crazy behavior, I got a I eat my tummy quite round and the results are marvelous :

The lady was making funny noises, I didn't understand what she was saying, maybe another language?
The lady was making funny noises, I didn’t understand what she was saying, maybe another language?
hihi she makes me laugh
hihi she makes me laugh
OMG it's a flying cookie
OMG it’s a flying cookie
That's it! I'm going in for the cookie!
That’s it! I’m going for the cookie!

If you want to see more about me, go to the lady’s page (here) and book me for more cookies!

Ps : I like smackos the most, just saying!

Pictures by Castingtails