An honest bow !

Hi dear fair fashion people,


As you may know, once a week I also write once for FabulousfairFashion, an extremely cool and honest webshop for clothing, based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

This week we offered some clear-consciousness-gift tips because what’s nicer to give than that, right? We made an honest bow on all of our presents. You can read our motives over here

Why I love to share it again with all you Maryshoppings-fans out here is because you can totally WIN a clothing or accessory-budget at Fabulousfairfashion AND Maryshoppings!

How do you win your fair outfit?

Follow Fabulousfairfashion & Maryshoppings on Facebook and follow all the steps.

Good luck sweethearts! I really wish you a beautiful outfit for the holidays!


We, from the fair-fashion-squat over here, are really eager to get together  with family and friends and of course we looove to style our own honest clothes.

Therefore a sneak peak in the getting-ready-to-party process of this week :

And ow yeah, we’re taking a bow again.. 😉

Styling information : 

Shirt : People Tree by Fabulousfairfashion/ Bow-tie : Two-O, Purse : MadebyMir, Watch : Kerbholz, all by Maryshoppings/ Earrings : La Ville Jewelry 


Have a great time!

XoXo Mary 

Bekijk het profiel van Stefanie op Pinterest.//




Listening to a body..

That’s exactly what Lingerie Designer Ophelia does when she designs her soft, delicate, sophisticated pieces.

All the lingerie is made out of qualitative materials, 100% designed and produced in Antwerp.

I have met Ophelia a couple of weeks ago during the Press days in Antwerp. Actually, I first saw her exquisite pieces of beauty.. hanging in a corner and they immediately caught my eye. There was something about them..

When I was talking with the designer, I found a soft-hearted woman with a strong personality. And let just that aspect exactly be why her collection shined out for me.

Ophelia really listens to a womans body and even better: she listens to the person who adores woman the most. With her project ‘(fl)uisteren‘ (a Dutch word meaning something in between whispering and listening) in which she wrote letters together with different men about their significant other. Based on their stories, she designed unique lingerie pieces. She believed that uncensored and authentic pieces would arise when bypassing the rationalizations, insecurities and assumptions of women. 

Why is this lingerie fair to me? 

  • It is handcrafted by the designer in Belgium
  • She buys her fabrics in Paris from leftover stocks so nothing goes to waste
  • This particular limited edition collection is made out of overstock silk and french lace (designed & produced in France!)

We talked a while and she admitted that it is very difficult to know everything about the origine and journey of all her fabrics but that she really is doing the best she can to obtain that knowledge and walks always with the fairest option. I personally believe that this fair heart has and will contribute a lot of nice things to fashion and more in particular, your closet?


You can find all the info about Ophelia over here.


XoXo Mary




Hi there,

If someone would ask me what my style is, I would answer that it really depends on my moods but generally speaking I’m a classic girl with a twist 😉

Being a small girl, I have been wearing heels almost daily for more than 10 years now. But of course there are circumstances where you need  more comfortable shoes to walk or to work in. For me it has always been hard to search the perfect shoes for those events.

As I have grow older (not larger sadly ;-), I find myself more and more in those kind of circumstances though  :-). And, yeah, even I like it more and more to put my heels in the closet for a while.. only I need a proper alternative that fits my style and is also fairly made.

The sneaker trend wasn’t really my favorite one so I ignored him for quite a long time (woman and their blind spots.. 😉 )

But lately.. I gave my blind spot a chance, I began to see outfits that I would totally wear!

Like these combinations for instance :

Found on Pinterest : Look 1 and Look 2

What I like about these two stylish woman is that they are looking so classy but with a look that is still doable to jump in-and out the car and pick up some groceries, if you catch my drift 🙂

It’s also a look that you can wear to go out for work and meet up  with the girls for drinks later on, with a tote bag and a clutch inside.. you can go both ways in a minute! I don’t know about you but I find it very comforting for myself that one look can carry more than one option 🙂

So, back to the sneaker! I began my search like a modern girl: on the internet! My goals: a sneaker that is well formed with a bit of a higher platform cause I really don’t like it if it feels like I’m going underground literally ;-). Here is what I liked (within my price range) :

From left to right, high to low : Adidas, Reebok, Stella McCarthy for Adidas, Puma, Puma, Stella McCarthy for Adidas and Adidas : Selena Gomez Edition


2nd Step : Is what I like, also ethically made? I put on an ethical filter on the above selection and searched a couple alternatives too. From left to right, high to low : Toms, Veja, Toms, Puma, Puma

When I started my internet search, the big sports labels came up really quickly so I was seduced by their great adds and counted on their expertise to deliver me a qualitative sneaker and I have to admit that their models are really stylish to!

So first I picked my goodies and secondly, I used the rankabrand-app to test their ethical score. Rankabrand gives scores from A till E, all the information you find over here.

I learned that from my first selection Puma gets a ‘C’ and adidas gets an ‘E’, Reebok also gets an ‘E’.

C means that the company clearly made some steps but still needs a push to do better or to give more information about the whole process.

E means that they really need to do it better.

Then I searched for brands that profile themselves as being ethical, like Toms and Veja, but I also kept my favorites from Puma. I even sneaked a wedge sneaker in it 😉

I also used the rankabrand-app to test those labels and guess what? Veja scored also a ‘C’ and Toms only an ‘E’ cause they are not transparent at all about their production and choice of fabrics.

So I’m a bit confused and not wholly convinced over here..

What do you think? Which sneaker for the win?

XoXo Mary

Hellow Rudolph!

Hellow fair people,

A couple of weeks ago, I was a guest in Brussels in a verrry nice apartment close to the Dansaert-quartier. I was invited by my photographer, architect and above all good friend Mrs. Evy.

She has a very clean, almost minimalistic architectural style and that’s also respected in the clean decoration of the apartment. But when I was drinking coffee and gossiping all day..I noticed a little mister in the corner who wasn’t minimalistic at all. In fact he was green and all glittery.

To cut this story short : I met Rudolph, it was an instant crush and now you know why I’m all Raindeers, christmas and presents-like in November 🙂

Who’s with me?


Styling information : 

Jeansshirt : People Tree by Fabulousfairfashion / Trousers : People Tree / Watch : Kerbholz, Scarf Hellen van Berkel, both by Maryshoppings

Rudolph made a stylish friend too.. 😉

A snowy rabbit, ready for the holidays!

Styling information : Scarf by Hellen van Berkel, Snowy rabbit-necklace : MIMZ, both by Maryshoppings

Pictures by Evy Waegeneire

For all you ladies and gentlemen who are feeling the Rudolph-vibe and need some gift-inspiration.

I picked some decoration-gifts which are a great fit in a minimalistic home interior with some cosy accents..take a peak!





Get rid & Get new

Hi dear fair fashionista’s,

As I pointed out in my preview post, consuming nice things gives me a happy feeling. Though I have already a lot of nice stuff… *dreaming away for a sec*

Woman do get a kick when they lay their eyes on a new fashion prey.

Oh my.. you guys I sound truly like a fashion predator..*guilty face* well huh I do come with solutions you know 😉

To get the rush but not again less space and a little riot in your household (cause your significant other seems to think that he can’t live without like 10 cm space less *rolleyes*) can switch your clothes!

I already offered you some solutions to sell your clothing online in this post.

But what’s clearly different here, my dear predator friend, yes : the high of a new piece is included indeed and you don’t have to give extra money to enjoy it 😉

You are 3 steps away from an ecological solution my dear friend.

Step 1 : Clear your closet

Step 2 : Take the pieces from the ‘away’ and take them with you to a swishing party.

Step 3 : donate your pieces, get points in return and go shopping in the away-pieces of another fashionista, you can ‘buy’ something with your points.

I would like to share an outfit that I made, with a swishing-item, scored on the swishing party at the M-fair.

Traphal 2

traphal 3

Traphal 1

traphal 4

Dress: People Tree by Fabulousfairfashion / Belt : swishing item on M-fair/ Polkadot Stockings : 40 Denier Swedish Stockings / Shoes : 2nd hand by Doek

Where do you find your swishing item?

You can always organise a party with your fashionable friends ❤

Or if you live in Belgium, you can go to one of the parties from ‘’, this organization organizes several swishing-parties around the country and donates the clothes who aren’t picked to a social cause. 

There are also several swishing-events on fashion festivals, like M-fair and Fairfashionfestival in Ghent.

Have a nice high, you eco-chick!

XoXo Mary

A Dreamy Mood

Dear fair fashion people,

I’m finding myself in a bit of a sugar sweet mood and Yeah I’m a sharing-person so jump on my white train and let’s have a ride in the clouds 😉

There’s a good chance that the fashionable shoot of Mme Butterfly is responsible for my mood.



Madame Butterfly on the stage?

No puccini-lover, I mean the one from Antwerp with the great jewelry.

Mme Butterfly is a concept by the Belgian jewellery designer Elke Peeters. She is the heart and soul of the wonderful collections with the sustainable product ‘porcelain’.

Contemporary design is central in this collection. Every part is handmade by Elke herself with the greatest love and care in the Mme Butterfly’s studios in Belgium. Imperfections and irregularities are part of the unique character of the jewel ❤

Besides ‘Mme Butterfly’, Elke also makes on-demand designs, always in line with her own great style of course. If you fancy a more exclusive style, take a look at her collection from Maison Elke Peeters’.

01_03 01_05

Tamara Deridder (photography), Caroline Quirynen (MU&H), Evelien De Potter (MU&H), Amber Dyck (model), Heidi Van Tielen (model), Shani Verbeek (model), Maureen (artist, model & ambassadress), Stefanie Carrijn (styling), Wim Van Osselaer (productphotography), Garderobe+ (showroom)

Now back to my dreamy mood!

Besides great pictures of a lovely shoot, there are a few other things which are creating a happy feeling. Sure, unicorns and chocolate pudding are definitely on the list, but..

I’m a woman who loves beautiful things and yes ‘Maryshoppings’ admits, consumption makes my pulse go faster… still.

This past year, I took you in this blog on my journey through alternatives, to consume less for a start and when I consume.. to do it with a clear consciousness.

In my journey to alternatives, I offered space on my webshop to people who deserved that space from an ethical point of view.

For me, production is the most important factor in my selection for labels and that’s also why I really love handmade (in Belgium) goodies like Mme Butterfly.

I wear them on an everyday base, they not always make me dreamy in my crazy full-agenda-life but they sure make me smile once in a while.

Ring : Mme Butterfly by Maryshoppings
Ring : Mme Butterfly by Maryshoppings


_MG_7877 exp

Shirt :Portocolonia by Fabulousfairfashion / Short sweater : Komodo by Fabulousfairfashion/ Necklace : MadebyMir / Earrings : Mme Butterfly / Necklace & Earrings by Maryshoppings


_DSC8834 _DSC8701


Scarf : Hellen van Berkel / Necklace : Mme Butterfly / Both by Maryshoppings

I hope my mood is a bit contagious, smile harder and share the Mme Butterfly love with a clear consiousness! 

Goodies for sale at Maryshoppings


Mary aka Stefanie

My Pompon Discovery

Dear Fairfashionfans,

A while ago, I was a guest in beautiful Greece.. a country filled with dreamy beaches, kind people and tons of olives.

As I wrote earlier in a previous post, the people are beside kind also seriously touched by Aphrodite.

But I had also another discovery on my journey, a really cosy one actually:

 The pompons pantofolo!

Pantofolos are made from grey and white lambswool and have a non-slip suede sole. They have embroidery patterns on them and a giant pompon in the front.
The production of pantofolos is the specialty of a small family-run business in Greece, which guarantees work to approximately 20 women of the neighbouring village. Sound nice, no? 

Meet my lovely greek pompons in this styling post :

_MG_8085_MG_8072I’m wearing a denim blouse from Peopletree by fabulousfairfashion, bio cotton pants also from Peopletree. My accessories are from Maryshoppings : a handmade necklace with recycled material from MadeByMir and a wooden watch from Kerbholz, for this watch, there’s a new tree planted.

And of course, last but not least : my gorgeous pompons pantofolo’s ❤

Have a nice day!