Are you having a bad day?

Let me brighten your day with some fluffyness!

His name is Froufrou. He always wears a fluffy jacket and he is kind of a crazy head.

Froufrou makes every grey day sunny! He doesn’t only looks funny, he has buzy days filled with funny stuf too and he’s glad to tell you about it.

First : a proper introduction!

Hello Everyone,

I like :  dressing up, going to parties, taking citytrips, doing yoga, reading on sundays, playing with my big carrotfriend and my favorite : WALKING

I don’t like : That stupid thing with water, long cardrives, getting strange gifts and have trying them on..

C for it yourself!

Froufrou voor SilkRoute
I love to dress up!
I have no clue what that funny stuff is but it sooo fun to dig inI
I always come to a party in style!
Kerstfeestje uitnodiging
Would you come to my party?
First Bad
I hate it when they do that! I absolutely HATE it!
No Pictures Please
I have bad days to!
I have a big friend, she eats so much carrots and now she's so much bigger than me! But that's ok, I like her anyway!
I have a  friend, I think she used to be little like me but she eats so much carrots and now she’s so big! But that’s ok, I like her anyway!
F berlin 6
I like to travel!  In Berlin I liked the big blocks, very fun playtime!


Presents Kerstfeestje
Some people give me strange gifts..I try them on but it scares me really *confused face*
On sundays me and my ladyfriend, we like to read!
On sundays me and my ladyfriend, we like to read!
Zonnegroet in Amsterdam
I like yoga period.
I always find interesting stuff when I’m walking, a mini human in a little carriage dropped this, I’m very glad he did

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