Ethics, really?

The fact is as simple as this : I am a moral philosopher with a bad craving : Retail Therapy.

I’m currently struggling with matching my Maryshoppings lifestyle with my caring heart. I like nice things but they often have more than just a monetary price and it just doesn’t feel right anymore to shop fast without thinking of the other costs..

I think a lot now before I shop..

I think about the people behind the goods and the cost to our environment.

Where does the goods come from?  Who made them and are the people properly paid? Do they work in a good environment? Are the fabrics ecological? And what does that mean exactly?

In this blog you can follow my search through slow fashion, honest fabrics, inventive alternatives and so to a more ethical fashion- and lifestyle.

Can I match my caring heart with my bad craving?

* Introduction of ‘Fashionista’s closet’ :

The definition of ‘Slow Fashion’ tells us basically about the focus on nature and people. One of the key concepts : Slow down your consumption! I thought about a way to do that, you can read about my idea in this article.

* Introduction of Alain went crazy with Post-its :

In this article you can read how it’s possible to shop and care by using apps that inform you of the sustainability of a label.


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