Big News : Webshop Launch

Dear Fair Friends,

I have great news! As of today I’m not only writing and styling fair goodies but now, you can also buy them. Uhu that’s right, I fell so much in love with some of the great stuff that I’ve styled that I wanted to offer them to a bigger public, yes : to YOU
Stay tuned for great deals, goodies to win and of course : styling tips! 
You can find a sneak peak of my loved ones in past styling posts underneath. Just click on the picture to go straight to the shop! 

_MG_6219 _MG_6166 _MG_6184

Scarf in shop : Hellen van Berkel / all the styling details:  here

_MG_6042 2_MG_6018 2

deel 1 roze broek + roze top 1920 x1080

Scarf in shop : Hellen van Berkel / all the styling details here


deel 1 blauwe broek oranje -shirt11920x1080 - kopie_E7P1034

deel 1 jeansshort + gestreept t-shirt 1080x1920_E7P1074

deel 1 blauwe jurk 1080 x1920_E7P1146

deel 2 bordeauw broek paars shirt 1080 x1920Scarfs in shop : Hellen van Berkel /Sunglasses : Kerbholz / all the styling details : here and here

deel 1 blauwe broek roze bloes 1080x1920

deel 2 blauwe short + blauwe shirt 1080 x1920
deel 2jeans +geprint hemd 1920x1080



Pimp my Hat!

Dear fair friends,

I’ve been approached with a challenge :

Choose your favorite sports hat on Fanatics and style away !

Well now, I’m not a huge sports fan myself and I’m actually also more a classic-with-a-twist-styler than a comfy-sporty-one so YES it was a challenge 🙂

I accepted on the condition that my selected pieces can be fair!

I’ve chosen a cherry-red hat from the Reds and honestly, there’s no big story here,  I ‘ve just been seduced by the great colour 😉

Now how should I style it?

It’s no surprise that my kinda-classic-styler sub-conscience took over a little..

Schermafbeelding 2015-04-25 om 09.55.07

The Styling Files :

Trousers : Miss Green

Cropped Top : ASOS reclaimed Vintage velvet top

Shoes : Stella Mc Cartney

Purse : Stella Mc Cartney

Sunglasses : Kerbholz

Watch : WEWOOD

Hairtip : wear it wavy and loose

Why is this outfit fair? 

The trousers are from the Dutch label ‘Miss Green‘ ,which stands for sustainable fabrics, an honest production and a nice eco-footprint. The top is Reclaimed Vintage from a limited-edition collection from ASOS, made from vintage fabrics and up-cycled original vintage pieces. The shoes and the purse are from Stella Mc Cartney who made a company statement to be a responsible, honest, and a modern company. The Sunglasses are from the German company ‘Kerbholz‘ who have the sustainable idea to plant a tree for every wooden, handmade product they sell. 

The watch is from WEWOOD, they also plant a tree for every wooden piece they sell.

Maryshoppings’ tips in Antwerp

Hello everyone,

As you know by now, I’m living in Antwerp, Belgium.

It’s the fashion capital of this country where the big-mouth-people live, party and brag about their city. I’m not born here so when the online tourguide Citypath asked me to share my tips in town, I felt so flattered 🙂

Here you can see the results of the shoot with Antwerp as a beautiful view.



Styling : Jumpsuit : Miss Green / Shirt : House of Dagmar by Baby Beluga, Antwerp / Neckless : AllThingsWeLike / Shoes : Toms / Sunglasses : Ray Ban

You can read my 8 tips in the article over HERE but for my blog-loving friends, I love to add some extra goodies about my favorite neighborhood in Antwerp :

I lived in the South part of the city for almost two years now and I really like a lot of the places there.

* Yes my dear, guilty as charged on the coffee-addict-department, so I know my way around for a good cup of the black gold :

My 2 favorite places on the south part : Revista and Tinsel : they both serve delicious coffee and treats in a cosy atmosphere.

* Coffee, cake, wine, food and even a guest room : Patine

* In for a Sex and the City-moment? Go sipping over here : Sipsreservation needed in the weekend, Josephine’s, they also serve delicious food, and last but not least Bar Zar, a cocktailbar where the interior shows different moods.

* You are a foodie and looking for a personal treatment, stop by Puur Personal Cooking, don’t forget to make an early reservation!

* You are a foodie and looking for great sushi? Go to the lovely temple of Umami

Hope you enjoy Antwerp as much as me!


Fair Fashion Festival Ghent : The Styling Files

Dear Fair Fashion Fans,

I’ve been the last couple of months so busy with the styling for the fashionshow for the Fair Fashion Festival in Ghent and after the big happening on sunday, I’m a little proud of the result so after the teasers, I present you my favorites with all the styling details :


Shoes underneath this picture in detail / entire outfit from Supergoods
Schermafbeelding 2015-03-03 om 17.40.08
Shoes Swedish Hasbeens



Shoes : Swedish Hasbeens
Shoes underneath this picture in detail
Schermafbeelding 2015-03-03 om 17.49.35
Shoes Swedish Hasbeens
Entire Outfit from Supergoods



deel 2 terra jumpsuit front 1080 x1920
Front sight

Dia15 Dia16

Dia29 Dia31 Dia33Dia35

Skirt and pants : Cora Kemperman

deel 2 lange witte bloes 1080 x1920 Dia46


Information about the labels : 


You can find them online : 



Hellen van Berkel 

Atelier Anvertsoie

Barbara Munsel

Kerbholz,WEWOOD, Hellen van Berkel, Atelier AnVertSoie and Barbara Munsel are represented in Belgium by Fashion Agency Garderobe+

Nele Huysmans 

Cora Kemperman 


Goed Vandoen

Anders Getint

Yak & Yeti



If you’re interested in the complete styling files, without selection, you can view this over HERE

FairFashionFestival : The Styling Teasers

Dear Fair Ladies and Gentlemen,

Who’s ready for the FairFashionFestival in Ghent?

These models are!

Styled, prepped and ready to shine on the runway..or do I have to say : stairs?

Enjoy a little eye candy in sneak preview..

Model : Eveline Versluys
Model : Elien Defoor
Model : Michiel Schaeverbeke
Model : Elien Defoor
Model : Katelijne Vervaet
Model : Marjolein Vlerick
Model : Lisa Defoor
Model : Jorunn Dieleman
Model : Jesse Vanden Eynde
Model : Iris Deklerck
Modellen : Johannes Obers & Jolien de Kinderen
Modellen : Johannes Obers & Jolien de Kinderen
Model : Johannes Obers
Model : Jolien de Kinderen
Model : Jolien de Kinderen

The details of the styling will follow soon after the show on the 1st of March.

Pictures by Jan Lietaert

Styling by Machteld Vervaet, Kaat Meys and Stefanie Carrijn (aka Mary 😉 )

A sweater and a (Girlie) skirt, really?

Dear Fair ladies,

This week I’d like to present you the result of a styling session I did to prove that sweaters do fit with -in my case- a girlie skirt.

I admired the look from Elena Borden and Elisa Nalin in Elle and what I loved about it was the mixture of nonchalance and sweet chic so I went for it myself…
IMG_0718I started my look…with an ethical sweater from Les Gens de Labas and a Belgian designed skirt from Odette en Ville

IMG_0720Shirt : Ralph Lauren/Jewelry : BIBA/Sweaters : Les Gens de Labas / Skirt : Odette en Ville / Glasses : Dolce & Gabanna

Ethical clothing information

* Les Gens de Labas designes and produces in Belgium with organic material.

They also design jewelry in Morocco in their own workingspace where they are doing job creation for berbers, native inhabitants.

* Odette en Ville designes in Belgium and produces in Portugal

* Unfortunately Ralph Lauren and Dolce & Gabanna scored only E on the Rankabrand-app 

*BIBA Jewelry : no information found