Sustainable Fashion Guest Post: What is fair to me? by MaryShoppings

Hi fair people,

This week I’ve written a guestpost on the Swedish Fair blog ‘Ecosphere’ about what is fair fashion to me.

If you guys missed it in Sweden, I’m glad to share it again in Belgium 🙂



Sustainable Fashion Guest Post: What is fair to me? by MaryShoppings.

‘Mooi’ : A Pretty Invitation Alert!

Schermafbeelding 2015-05-18 om 17.04.02
Photographer : Pieter van den Boogert

‘Fashion is about beauty and the story behind fashion can be equally beautiful’

Bruno Pieters, Belgian Fashion Designer of Honest By Bruno Pieters
Schermafbeelding 2015-05-18 om 17.04.20
Photographer : Pieter Van Den Boogert

If you are the owner of a fashionable heart, you know that you’re often seen as a superficial spoiled little brat without a descent look at the world.

Caring about who made your clothes and being a true fashionista can be the fact though.

I would like to invite all the (non-) believers to come and meet us at Mooi Festival in Antwerp.

What can you aspect?

* You can listen to some wise fair words from Niels Oskam (Rank A Brand), Willa Stoutenbeek (W.Green)  and a few more! This speakers will definitely rock your view on fair fashion.

* You can meet designers like with a clear, sustainable vision on fashion, they already brought their plan in action and love to pry with it on the fair. 😉 

* If you want to practice what you heard, you can buy some lovely goodies in the market

If you want to prepare what you going to wear at the festival, this app can certainly help you do it!

More sustainable apps over here.

Schermafbeelding 2015-05-18 om 17.03.13

All you want to know about Mooi Festival, you can find over HERE

Lady in sustainable black

Dear fair friends,

What is sustainable to you?

During my sustainable research, I noticed a lot of differences and points for discussion.

What is sustainable to me? 

Whitin a couple of weeks I’ll answer this question in a guestblog on Ecosphere 

Blogster Pernilla liked to have the article accompanied with a picture of me in an outfit that is fully sustainable to me.

I’ll offer you a sneak peek in my choice..

_MG_6485_MG_6495 _MG_6509




The StylingFiles :

Jumpsuit : Miss Green

Shirt : Alchemist

Ballerina’s : Toms

Neckless : La Ville Jewelry

Hair accessory : La Ville Jewelry

Purse : Vintage purse from my grandmother

Now, I’ll ask you again : what is sustainable to you?

Picture by Evy Waegeneire

Pimp my Hat!

Dear fair friends,

I’ve been approached with a challenge :

Choose your favorite sports hat on Fanatics and style away !

Well now, I’m not a huge sports fan myself and I’m actually also more a classic-with-a-twist-styler than a comfy-sporty-one so YES it was a challenge 🙂

I accepted on the condition that my selected pieces can be fair!

I’ve chosen a cherry-red hat from the Reds and honestly, there’s no big story here,  I ‘ve just been seduced by the great colour 😉

Now how should I style it?

It’s no surprise that my kinda-classic-styler sub-conscience took over a little..

Schermafbeelding 2015-04-25 om 09.55.07

The Styling Files :

Trousers : Miss Green

Cropped Top : ASOS reclaimed Vintage velvet top

Shoes : Stella Mc Cartney

Purse : Stella Mc Cartney

Sunglasses : Kerbholz

Watch : WEWOOD

Hairtip : wear it wavy and loose

Why is this outfit fair? 

The trousers are from the Dutch label ‘Miss Green‘ ,which stands for sustainable fabrics, an honest production and a nice eco-footprint. The top is Reclaimed Vintage from a limited-edition collection from ASOS, made from vintage fabrics and up-cycled original vintage pieces. The shoes and the purse are from Stella Mc Cartney who made a company statement to be a responsible, honest, and a modern company. The Sunglasses are from the German company ‘Kerbholz‘ who have the sustainable idea to plant a tree for every wooden, handmade product they sell. 

The watch is from WEWOOD, they also plant a tree for every wooden piece they sell.

Who made my clothes?

Fashion Revolution

*  Is it important to you who made your clothes?

*  Is it important to you that those people work in a healthy environment ?

*  Is it important to you that those people are getting an honest pay for an honest work?

If you answered *YES* three times, than please show that you care and post a picture of yourself with your clothes inside-out and holding a card with ‘who made my clothes’  and the hashtag ‘#fashrev’ on friday 24th of april.

Want more persuasion? Click HERE

If you think that you will forget it, you can join this thunderclap online : JOIN

IMG_0116I’m wearing a black dress,Belgian design from the label ‘Natalie Vleeschouwer’. This is what my label tells me :

FullSizeRenderThank u so much Mrs. Vleeschouwer!

Picture and movie made at Fairfashionfestival Ghent on 1st of March 2015

Who’s in for a *Jewelry* treat?

Fair fashion can be interpreted in many ways as many different criteria exist. I personally think that local production and homemade craftsmanship are important criteria that can make fashion fair. I have –as a Belgian Blogster- special attention for the ‘Handmade in Belgium’ designs. One of them that I would like to share with you is ‘La Ville Jewelry’

The artistic crew behind Jewelry label ‘La Ville’ exists out of the two sisters Sofie and Jolien De Ville.

Sofie is a textile designer and Jolien has a degree in product design, they complement each other’s skills making them the perfect team to creatively work together.

La Ville stands for creating new ideas and bringing them together in new, beautiful products with a focus on collars and necklaces. It is important for both of the designers to keep authenticity within their products while taking the environment in account.

Collars Lace – Gold Brown
Geomatric Pendants – Blue Sparkle

  Today, lucky me, I have an interview with Sofie and Jolien.

 I really like the playful -yet sophisticated- style of La Ville Jewelry. The first designs of your label were the collars. Where did you find the inspiration for this specific design?

Collar Small – Silver Brown

To give the right answer to this question, we have to take a trip to memory lane..

To find inspiration for a certain project Sofie went to Jolien for a brainstorm session. Sofie was very interested in putting an ancient craft technique into a modern application. Jolien pointed out the new trend of bib necklaces and decorated collars. Sofie took that inspiration and made her first collar out of textile. That piece of artwork became the foundation for our first collection.

Pendant Wings – Silver Brown

Which girl or woman did you have in mind when you were designing the collars?

Hair Leaf – Brown

We have a classical, romantic collection with warm colors and feminine patterns that fit any type of woman at any age.

Geometric Pendant – Yellow

Our other geometric collection targets a younger audience because of its bright, daring colors and modern patterns.

If you could use a model to describe the ideal La Ville – woman, who would it be?

We believe every woman can be a La-Ville woman, you don’t have to have a perfect size “0” to wear our brand. The girl next door can also be very attractive and fashionable while wearing our jewelry.

Pendant Wings – Silver Brown

In my opinion, the graphic elements in later collections makes the jewelry a bit rougher and -as you said before- works with another end-user in mind. Was that your intention when you were designing it? 

Geometric Pendant – Yellow
Geometric Pendant – Yellow

We’ve noticed the geometric trend and fluo colors so we integrated that into our second collection. We knew we would attract another audience, making it interesting for us to broaden our target group. Because we wouldn’t want our other customers feeling left outside, we’ve decided to add new items and new materials to our romantic collection as well.

Who are your customers?

We have a different range of customers for every other collection. Though we’ve always had women from any age interested in both collections. It also really depends on where we sell our jewelry.

Do you make everything yourself? 

Yes, accept for the material itself, the leather and the rhodium parts.


Can you tell something about the process : from scratch to jewelry?

We start by making a drawing of our patterns in Adobe Illustrator. After that we go to a fablab to lasercut our designs out of the leather. Then we “clean up” the models by removing excess leather out of the holes. All the models are being washed to avoid stains and odour of the burnt leather. Then the jewels are ready to be finished and  to be assembled.

Where does all that takes place ?

Our kitchen table and local fablabs.

As you can read on my blog, I’m a fan of local production because that’s a very important criterion for my definition of fair fashion: to know who’s the person behind clothes or accessories and most important that the workers are well-treated during the process. What are the most important criteria for fair fashion to you?

Geometric Pendant – Yellow

That everyone in the production process gets treated with respect, fair wages, healthy working conditions and normal working hours. It is important for labels to also make the production process transparant and open to their customers so they know what they buy.

Do you believe that you’re a supporter of fair fashion with your work?

We do not believe in mass production. In our opinion it is better to buy less but take the quality and the story behind the product into account. There is a lot that goes to waste going from food to disposable clothing, accessories and electronics. We strive to create products that people can cherish and treat with respect.

As a young start-up label, we find it important to also support other upcoming local talent that put all of their energy and passion into their dream.

It’s like candy in my ear 🙂 

Now one to feed the fashion mind :

What is your favourite clothing label that you find that fits the most with your beautiful jewelry? 

We work together with the Belgian designer Red Juliet, her vintage-inspired clothing fit well with our dreamy collars and earrings.


Necklace : Color Flowers / Picture from Red Juliet

What is your personal favourite out of all your collections?

Jolien: Flower pendant because it fits well with a lot of what I have hanging in my closet

Flower Pendant – Brown

Sofie: Blue geometric long earrings and blue geometric pendant.

Schermafbeelding 2015-03-15 om 21.59.24
Geometric Earrings – Blue Sparkle

Thank u so much for this lovely talk ladies 🙂 

Information about the pictures : 

Cécile De Borggraef (model)
Morgane Gielen (photographer)
Sanne De Wolf (make-up and hair)
Silke Meulewaeter (stylist)

**If you’re free this weekend (19 till 22 march 2015), you can find the lovely ladies and their great designs on Maker City in Mechelen.**

Fair Fashion Festival Ghent : The Styling Files

Dear Fair Fashion Fans,

I’ve been the last couple of months so busy with the styling for the fashionshow for the Fair Fashion Festival in Ghent and after the big happening on sunday, I’m a little proud of the result so after the teasers, I present you my favorites with all the styling details :


Shoes underneath this picture in detail / entire outfit from Supergoods
Schermafbeelding 2015-03-03 om 17.40.08
Shoes Swedish Hasbeens



Shoes : Swedish Hasbeens
Shoes underneath this picture in detail
Schermafbeelding 2015-03-03 om 17.49.35
Shoes Swedish Hasbeens
Entire Outfit from Supergoods



deel 2 terra jumpsuit front 1080 x1920
Front sight

Dia15 Dia16

Dia29 Dia31 Dia33Dia35

Skirt and pants : Cora Kemperman

deel 2 lange witte bloes 1080 x1920 Dia46


Information about the labels : 


You can find them online : 



Hellen van Berkel 

Atelier Anvertsoie

Barbara Munsel

Kerbholz,WEWOOD, Hellen van Berkel, Atelier AnVertSoie and Barbara Munsel are represented in Belgium by Fashion Agency Garderobe+

Nele Huysmans 

Cora Kemperman 


Goed Vandoen

Anders Getint

Yak & Yeti



If you’re interested in the complete styling files, without selection, you can view this over HERE