Fair Fashion Festival Ghent!

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Dear fair ladies and gentlemen,

We all have that one fine thing in comment : a sustainable ❤ for fashion

So I’ll take it that you’ll be eager to know more about how you can feed that heart of yours in a sustainable and ecological, ethical way..

Than consider yourselves INVITED to the first Fair Fashion Festival in Ghent

Yours truly is part of the styling team for the fashionshow so I’m in the perfect position to promise you green bedazzling high fashion and *ow yes* I totally do!

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Want more information? Visit the WEBSITE

And don’t you forget to RSVP on Facebook 😉

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I shopped in a Fashionista’s closet!

Dear Fair ladies,

I’ve talked with you about a couple of tricks to consume in a smarter and more fairer way. Because when you feel the urge to shop, there are still a lot of fair possibilities, one of them is shopping in another Fashionista’s closet, as you can read HERE 

About that..I’d like to share some outfits I made with a vintage Escada blazer I bought on Fashionup from another Fashionista (Blogster) : Lima Ché

I styled it in 2 different ways :



Blazer : Vintage Escada / FauxFur : Barts / Belt : Atelier Anvertsoie / Purse : Essentiel / Pants : Alchemist / Shirt : H&M / Shoes : Jhay_MG_6141 _MG_6166 _MG_6184 _MG_6203 _MG_6219Blazer : Vintage Escada / Pants : Alchemist / Scarf : Hellen van Berkel / Shoes : BCBG By Max Azria / Purse : Handmade purse bought in Londen Spittafields Market

Pictures by Evy Waegeneire

Last call for present hunters!

For all you wonderful fair people out there, I present to you one last treasure-hunt-tip for (your) man :

Go for wood !

Wooden accessories often create a cool and sophisticated appearance without a snobistic or a too-much-yuppie-look and that….. I like 🙂

What I also like is the wonderful story of three German friends who decided to built a label with wooden accessories out of a great idea of sustainability: for each product that you’re buying from Kerbholz , they plant a tree in Cen­tral America.

My man is already responsible for one watch-tree, what about yours? 🙂

A couple of my favorites! I bought my man the darkbrown one on the left, he loves it :-)
A couple of my favorites!
I bought my man the darkbrown one on the left, he loves it 🙂
My man, his watch, not our dog :-)
My man, his watch, not our dog 🙂

Not a hippie but a hottie!

‘Geiten wollen is a Dutch company who -like yours truly-  doesn’t like the ‘hippie image’ associated with fair and ecological clothing.  They do like to sell honest fashion; honest to humans and honest to nature. They give this message with shirts made out of organic cotton and with special attention to all prescriptions for the FAIR WEAR-Logo.

They have a lovely range of male shirts, which brings me to my weekly suggestion of my month theme : ‘Shop honest Presents for your Man’

(previous honest man suggestions : A fair boxershort and A shirt to safe an animal

I ordered my favorites of ‘Geitenwollen’ to make my man’s image fair, honest and totally hot! See for it yourself.

Great service! We got a sweet card with our delivery
*cheer* the package is arrived!
*cheer* the package is arrived!

And Ta-daaa : My personal choices of the male shirts :

Mr Fancy goat and the a soft basic in an ideal colour to pop his eyes 🙂

image5 image2

Fair Logo information : 

– No childlabour

-No forced labour

– Safe and healthy work environment

– A legal labour contract

– An honest wage

– Freedom of professional organization and the right to negotiate

– No discrimination of employers

– No excessive workhours

You find more information about the Fair Wair Logo over HERE