Hellow Rudolph!

Hellow fair people,

A couple of weeks ago, I was a guest in Brussels in a verrry nice apartment close to the Dansaert-quartier. I was invited by my photographer, architect and above all good friend Mrs. Evy.

She has a very clean, almost minimalistic architectural style and that’s also respected in the clean decoration of the apartment. But when I was drinking coffee and gossiping all day..I noticed a little mister in the corner who wasn’t minimalistic at all. In fact he was green and all glittery.

To cut this story short : I met Rudolph, it was an instant crush and now you know why I’m all Raindeers, christmas and presents-like in November ūüôā

Who’s with me?


Styling information : 

Jeansshirt : People Tree by Fabulousfairfashion / Trousers : People Tree / Watch : Kerbholz, Scarf Hellen van Berkel, both by Maryshoppings

Rudolph made a stylish friend too.. ūüėČ

A snowy rabbit, ready for the holidays!

Styling information : Scarf by Hellen van Berkel, Snowy rabbit-necklace : MIMZ, both by Maryshoppings

Pictures by Evy Waegeneire

For all you ladies and gentlemen who are feeling the Rudolph-vibe and need some gift-inspiration.

I picked some decoration-gifts which are a great fit in a minimalistic home interior with some cosy accents..take a peak!






Get rid & Get new

Hi dear fair fashionista’s,

As I pointed out in my preview post, consuming nice things gives me a happy feeling. Though I have already a lot of nice stuff… *dreaming away for a sec*

Woman do get a kick when they lay their eyes on a new fashion prey.

Oh my.. you guys I sound truly like a fashion predator..*guilty face* well huh I do come with solutions you know ūüėČ

To get the rush but not again less space and a little riot in your household (cause your significant other seems to think that he can’t live without like 10 cm space less *rolleyes*) well..you can switch your clothes!

I already offered you some solutions to sell your clothing online in this post.

But what’s clearly different here, my dear predator friend, yes : the high of a new piece is included indeed and you don’t have to give extra money to enjoy it ūüėČ

You are 3 steps away from an ecological solution my dear friend.

Step 1 : Clear your closet

Step 2 : Take the pieces from the ‘away’ and take them with you to a swishing party.

Step 3 : donate your pieces, get points in return and go shopping in the away-pieces of another fashionista, you can ‘buy’ something with your points.

I would like to share an outfit that I made, with a swishing-item, scored on the swishing party at the M-fair.

Traphal 2

traphal 3

Traphal 1

traphal 4

Dress: People Tree by Fabulousfairfashion / Belt : swishing item on M-fair/ Polkadot Stockings : 40 Denier Swedish Stockings / Shoes : 2nd hand by Doek

Where do you find your swishing item?

You can always organise a party with your fashionable friends ‚̧

Or if you live in Belgium, you can go to one of the parties from ‘Swishing.be’, this organization¬†organizes several swishing-parties around the country and donates the clothes who aren’t picked to a social cause.¬†

There are also several swishing-events on fashion festivals, like M-fair and Fairfashionfestival in Ghent.

Have a nice high, you eco-chick!

XoXo Mary

A Dreamy Mood

Dear fair fashion people,

I’m finding myself in a bit of a sugar sweet mood and Yeah I’m a sharing-person so jump on my white train and let’s have a ride in¬†the clouds ūüėČ

There’s a good chance that the fashionable shoot of Mme Butterfly is responsible for my mood.



Madame Butterfly on the stage?

No puccini-lover, I mean the one from Antwerp with the great jewelry.

Mme Butterfly is a concept by the Belgian jewellery designer Elke Peeters. She is the heart and soul of the wonderful collections with the sustainable product ‘porcelain’.

Contemporary design is central in this collection. Every part is handmade by Elke herself with the greatest love and care in the Mme Butterfly’s studios in Belgium. Imperfections and irregularities are part of the unique character of the jewel ‚̧

Besides ‘Mme Butterfly’, Elke also makes on-demand designs, always in line with her own great style of course. If you fancy a more exclusive style, take a look at her collection from Maison Elke Peeters’.

01_03 01_05

Tamara Deridder (photography), Caroline Quirynen (MU&H), Evelien De Potter (MU&H), Amber Dyck (model), Heidi Van Tielen (model), Shani Verbeek (model), Maureen (artist, model & ambassadress), Stefanie Carrijn (styling), Wim Van Osselaer (productphotography), Garderobe+ (showroom)

Now back to my dreamy mood!

Besides great pictures of a lovely shoot, there are a few other things which are creating a happy feeling. Sure, unicorns and chocolate pudding are definitely on the list, but..

I’m a woman who loves beautiful things and yes ‘Maryshoppings’ admits, consumption makes my pulse¬†go faster… still.

This past year, I took you in this blog on my journey through alternatives, to consume less for a start and when I consume.. to do it with a clear consciousness.

In my journey to alternatives, I offered space on my webshop to people who deserved that space from an ethical point of view.

For me, production is the most important factor in my selection for labels and that’s also why I really love handmade (in Belgium) goodies like Mme Butterfly.

I wear them on an everyday base, they not always make me dreamy in my crazy full-agenda-life but they sure make me smile once in a while.

Ring : Mme Butterfly by Maryshoppings
Ring : Mme Butterfly by Maryshoppings


_MG_7877 exp

Shirt :Portocolonia by Fabulousfairfashion / Short sweater : Komodo by Fabulousfairfashion/ Necklace : MadebyMir / Earrings : Mme Butterfly / Necklace & Earrings by Maryshoppings


_DSC8834 _DSC8701


Scarf : Hellen van Berkel / Necklace : Mme Butterfly / Both by Maryshoppings

I hope my mood is a bit contagious, smile harder and share the Mme Butterfly love with a clear consiousness! 

Goodies for sale at Maryshoppings


Mary aka Stefanie

My Pompon Discovery

Dear Fairfashionfans,

A while ago, I was a guest in beautiful Greece.. a country filled with dreamy beaches, kind people and tons of olives.

As I wrote earlier in a previous post, the people are beside kind also seriously touched by Aphrodite.

But I had also another discovery on my journey, a really cosy one actually:

 The pompons pantofolo!

Pantofolos are made from grey and white lambswool and have a non-slip suede sole. They have embroidery patterns on them and a giant pompon in the front.
The production of pantofolos is the specialty of a small family-run business in Greece, which guarantees work to approximately 20 women of the neighbouring village. Sound nice, no? 

Meet my lovely greek pompons in this styling post :

_MG_8085_MG_8072I’m wearing a denim blouse from Peopletree by fabulousfairfashion, bio cotton pants also from Peopletree. My accessories are from Maryshoppings : a handmade necklace with recycled material from MadeByMir and a wooden watch from Kerbholz, for this watch, there’s a new tree planted.

And of course, last but not least : my gorgeous pompons pantofolo’s ‚̧

Have a nice day! 


Marie-Antoinette & Fast Fashion

Dear Fair Fashionfans,

I have an invitation for you!


Has your inner fair fashionista ever dreamed of this :

A day to celebrate all nice and honest initiatives..

A day to discover more fair goodies and cool projects..

A day suited for your inner fair fashionista!

This sunday it is totally happening in Mechelen from 11h till 17h.

Oh my.. you guys!..There will be a market with so much nice and honest stuff, your heart is going to skip a beat..or even two maybe

Yes, we are not only capitalism victims: we want to learn something. And indeed we will.. because the program schedule includes some very nice documentaries .

You are a princess who likes to craft with your lovely hands? No worries, enough workshops for you, mylady!

For those of you who wants eye candy.. Yes, a fashionshow is on the menu too ūüôā

And.. there will also be fast peptalks about fair fashion..yours truly included ūüôā

Do you want to know why I offer Marie-Antoinette a lot of space on my blog and why I think this (not so sweet) fashionable lady needs a space in my talk?

Let’s meet on sunday at 14.15u and tell me if our royal highness deserves the spot!

XoXo Mary

Mary original png

Click HERE for more information and for the full program.


Handicraft : (mini) fashionista’s are showing us the way

Nederlandse versie onderaan

Hello Everyone, 

This summer I was invited to a fashionable vacation-project for children in Antwerp.

This project was organized by ‘Doek’¬†in Borgerhout, Antwerp. ‘Doek’ is a textile factory and its division ‘Knooppunt’ focusses especially on employees who are refugees and have only recently arrived in Belgium. This period is important because considering the¬†main characteristic of the textile work. The refugees have a lot of knowledge of handicraft techniques from¬†their homecountry which is often a wonderful asset. That knowledge is still fresh when they have just arrived. En surplus, it’s also very useful for the refugees that they can meet other people in comparable¬†situations and, at the same time, meet other people in Belgium while doing something where they are good at.

The work provides them with a safe environment, confidence and helps them with their integration in Belgium.

This summer they wanted to share their knowledge of specific handcrafts with some little fashionista’s. And I was lucky to be invited to take a peek.

The children were between 6 years and 12 years old and their task of the week was to design their own skirt by an example of a skirt from Afghanistan with a lot of handcraft in it.

FullSizeRender 4FullSizeRender 5FullSizeRender 13FullSizeRender 12

To help the little ladies, there were several workshops organized like embroider and lacework, all given by ladies who are very experienced in the handcraft.


Fotograaf : Klaartje Van Dionant
Fotograaf : Klaartje Van Dionant

FullSizeRender 9 FullSizeRender 6 FullSizeRender 2

Fotograaf : Klaartje Van Dionant
Fotograaf : Klaartje Van Dionant

At the end of the week, there was an exposition organized to show off the wonderful result of all that hard work ūüôā

FullSizeRender 10

FullSizeRender 3FullSizeRender 7FullSizeRender 11

FullSizeRender 8

Are you in the mood to design something yourself?

And more important : to have a great chat with a woman from Antwerp and far beyond..a woman with an interesting back story?

Good news! Atelier Doek organizes 7 workshops full of traditional broderie from Afghanistan on several cultural locations in Antwerp. And this time..for grown-ups!

You can find more information over here. 

I am going! R u?

C u Soon!

XoXo Mary

Deze zomer werd ik uitgenodigd voor een vakantie-textiel-atelier voor kinderen.

Dit project werd georganiseerd door ‘Atelier Doek’, meer specifiek de werking ‘Knooppunt’ dat zich voor het zoeken van werknemers focust op de doelgroep vluchtelingen en hen zo een kans geeft om de ambachtelijke technieken uit hun thuisland te gebruiken. De werknemers zijn telkens nog maar voor een korte periode in Belgi√ę. Dit is belangrijk omdat hun kennis dan nog vers is. Daarnaast zorgt het beoefenen van iets wat ze goed kunnen en in samenwerking met andere vrouwen uit hun situatie maar ook daarbuiten, voor een portie zelfvertrouwen en integratie.¬†

Deze zomer heeft ‘Doek’ als project een aantal vakantieateliers voor kinderen georganiseerd en ik was erbij!¬†

Er waren twee verschillende types. Enerzijds had je een vakantieatelier dat de jeugd begeleidde om een Afghaanse vlieger te construeren en anderzijds was er ook een atelier om je eigen kledingstuk te ontwerpen. 

Het tweede atelier intrigeerde mij het meeste. In de hoop er een heel gezelschap aan jong talent te mogen aanschouwen, ging ik een kijkje nemen. Tijdens het atelier  babbelde ik met de jeugd (tussen 6 en 12 jaar oud) en met de gemotiveerde lesgeefsters van dienst. 

De jongedames kregen een voorbeeld-rokje uit Afghanistan en mochten naar dit voorbeeld, en aan de hand van flink wat workshops, zelf tot een soortgelijk hip item komen. 

En dat lukte aardig! 

De verschillende workshops waren onder andere kantklossen en borduren. 

Naast het begeleid construeren van de leuke fashionable items hebben de jonge pupillen ook heel wat bijgeleerd over andere culturen en tevens kunnen kennismaken met andere gewoontes en gebruiken. Om ook te ontdekken dat kinderen uit andere landen dan wel andere gewoontes mogen hebben, maar daarnaast ook gewoon heel leuke kinderen zijn die vaak dezelfde zaken willen. 

Heb jij door het zien van al dit kunstig geweld ook zin gekregen in een projectje en vooral heel wat leuke babbels met madammen van de wereld?

Goed nieuws!

Atelier Doek organiseert van oktober tot december 7 sessies vol traditionele borduurtechnieken uit Afghanistan en dat ook nog eens op verschillende culturele locaties in Antwerpen en  dit keer voor volwassenen. 

Zo ziet het programma eruit : 
zon 11 okt, 10u – 13u: Rode Kruis opvangcentrum Linkeroever
zon 18 okt, 10u Р13u: Atelier Assemblé
zon 25 okt, 10u – 13u: MAS
zon 15 nov, 11u – 14u: Peperbus (Sint-Janskerk Borgerhout)
zon 22 nov, 10u – 13u: Modemuseum provincie Antwerpen
zon 29 nov, 10u – 13u: Moskee Imam-Buhari
zon 13 dec, 10u – 13u: Toneelhuis (Bourlaschouwburg)

Inschrijven kan vanaf 5 september via doek@kopspel.be of 0477 931 865. 

Prijs? 105 euro, materiaal inbegrepen

Ik doe mee, jij ook?

Tot snel! 

XoXo Mary

What about the boys?

Hi Fairfashion lovers,

Last week I announced the feeling of a million butterflies in my stomach. It was Love, yes love for new fair fashion goodies.

I offered you a peek in the Maryshoppings-accessory selection for this winter.

Now it’s time for the boys!

I’m aware of the fact that it’s more an image thing with you guys. Colour-issues in the dressing? No, not happening.

Image-ego-things in the elevator at work? Yeah every day ūüėČ And hey, you want to win, I get it! It’s a gene-thing. So you should be glad that I’m playing for your team, studs!

I present to you four stunning looks to brighten every elevator-showdown. Ow yeah.

First Look¬†: Friends would say you’re a ‘serious type’. You like structure and clear communication. Life isn’t always like you have planned it which is a shame cause you planned it so well ūüėČ Your outfit has to be clean and clear as well. This grey shirt offers you a lot of possibilities. The bow tie makes it a little playful yet sophisticated and the sunglasses are a perfect fit with the bow tie. Because you are a busy type, you often carry a lot of stuff around so that’s why you need this big bag with a hawk. Not a coincident that this bird rules the air ūüėČ

Shirt : Knowledge Cotton Apparel by Supergoods / Bag : Fikay / Bow Tie : Two-O / Sunglasses : Kerbholz / Bag,Bow, Sunglasses by Maryshoppings

Second Look : In your heart you’re a classic boy. Actually you’re already a man but the boyish-side in you wants to come out once in a while. You have a nice position at work so you have to look a bit bossy.¬†That’s why you can’t forget the essentials like a blue shirt and a dark wooden watch. But¬†with yeah that boyish accent, hence the bow and the camel bag.

Shirt : People Tree by Supergoods / Bag : Fikay / Bow tie : Two-O / Watch : Kerbholz /Bag, Bow and watch by Maryshoppings

Third Look : You are young and your job is situated in an arty sector. Hello Mister Photographer or Graphic Designer! You can afford it to look a bit party-like on an everyday-base, good for you! Now this is how you dress for succes :

Shirt : Knowledge Cotton Apperel by Supergoods / Bag : Fikay / Bow Tie : Two-O / Watch : Kerbholz / Bag, Bow and watch by Maryshoppings

Fourth Look :¬†You are (almost) the youngest mister of¬†the office. You know that a shirt looks better. Mommy is right. It does. So you pick this one,¬†playful¬†but stylish. You need the bow tie with denim to remind everyone that you’re having a more important life besides this: it calls weekend and it’s Fa-bu-lous. The sunglasses are¬†so fly *ow yeah* and the bag is an allrounder: work, weekend,.. name a place where he hasn’t been with you ūüėȬ†

Shirt : Knowledge Cotton Apparel by Supergoods / Bag : Fikay / Bow Tie : Two-O / Sunglasses : Kerbholz / Bag, Bow and sunglasses by Maryshoppings

So, now take a *bow* and go to work guys! Team #Maryshoppings for the win ūüėČ



Fair (Accessory) Combinations by your colour

Dear FairFashionlovers,

My heart is in overdrive these days! No I’m not sick fortunately, I’m just overstimulated¬†by this new collection *googlie eyes*

So much new and beautifull¬†things and you can love them with a clear consciousness, as I already selected them for their ecofashion-grade ūüėČ

I present to you a couple of fair accessory combinations from my selection on Maryshoppings. I added a fair fashion dress from FabulousFairFashion everytime so dear fashionista, you don’t have an excuse for not going slow ūüėČ

As a stylist I also studied the difference in colour and body-types of people, knowing what your colour and body type is, makes it easier to choose a piece of clothing or accessory that creates a harmonic look. As I started as a sceptic about the colour-thinking myself, I totally agree with you, fashion-ladies, that it isn’t always necessary to create a harmonic look. Sometimes it’s nice to shock a little with colour and even with style. But if you want a day where your clothing¬†just¬†fits but still¬†can be seen¬†as completely united ( don’t fool yourself gorgeous, every woman has them : the regular days ūüėČ ), here are some suggestions for your colour scheme:


  • You have a peachy skin-tone and your hair has a copper-tone, you have warm eyes (brown,green)
Scarf by Hellen van Berkel / Neclace by MIR
Dress : Culture Fabric by FabulousFairFashion

Winter – girl

  • You have skin with a pink under-tone and ash-hair, you have one eye-color. You are a¬†Snowwhite-type or a Spanish-type
Purse & Necklace by Made by MIR / Earrings by Mimz
Dress Komodo by FabulousFairFashion


Your skin has a peachy tone, your hair has a copper tone and you have warm eyes (green, brown)

Necklace by Allthingswelike / Scarf by Hellen van Berkel
Dress People Tree by FabulousFairFashion


  • Your skin has a pink under-tone, your hair has an ash-tone and you have soft (grey-blue) eyes
Komodod-MEDINA-Dress - light denim
Dress : Komodo by FabulousFairFashion
Scarf by Hellen van Berkel / Earrings & Necklace by MIMZ

So, dear fashionable ladies, we’re at the end of this tour in the new collection, if you have questions about a combination, want some advice, or you like tips for an ideal combination for your haircolour and skin tone, don’t hesitate, just ask :¬†maryshoppingsblog@gmail.com

Coming up : Mary’s Birthday

Hi folks,

I’m glad to announce my 28th birthday.

This year no upcoming tears or a silent treatment of my birthday.

I’m happy with my age and with my position in life as I know it ūüôā

Happiness all over the place and I’m hoping to make it a bit contagious..

But first things first! With a birthday comes a wishlist! (Ok not always and with everyone maybe but as a recovering retail-therapy-victim..well you know the drill..)

Coat : Ambrym/ Dress : Ivana Helsinki /Stockings : 40Denier/ Shoes : Sydney Brown/Top : Daniel Silverstein/ Skirt : Amour Vert/ Bag : Stella Mccartney for Adidas / Bra : La Fille d’oh / Shoes : Timberland / SuperheroClutch : Stella Mccartney

For those who think I exaggerated a little : GO AWAY. No just kidding, you’re totally right ūüėČ But when I think of¬†all the nice combinations I can make with these little treasures.. well let’s say my happiness lefes really don’t know any limits today..

So I promised a little happiness-flue : starting today till the week after my birthday (7 sept) you can use an extra discount-code on Maryshoppings : MARYBIRTHDAY

Have a verrrrrry Happy day ūüėČ

Soft look with a lot of Accessories..yes it’s possible

Hello fair ladies,

It’s been crazy busy with the shop lately and of course it’s also holiday season so yes, it’s been a while ūüôā

But I have some pictures to make it up to you.

For those who know me, it’s not a secret that I’m a big fan of (hair) accessories ūüôā

So watch and share my love!


_MG_6623klThe goal for this look is to keep it soft and light but with a lot of accessory but you may never have the feeling that it is too much. The peache headband makes it easy of course; nude is such a soft colour and it matches my pale face. The redness of my hair in combination with the darkred lipstick spices it up a little bit without being too cheeky. Blue colours create a trustworthy feeling, check the suit of your bank employer next time if you don’t believe me ūüėČ It’s not really my colour though but I’m happy that I pulled it off this way!¬†_MG_6646klStyling information :¬†

Shirt : Alchemist

Scarf : Hellen van Berkel, in Shop

Earrings : La Ville Jewelry 

Hair accessoire : unknown

Why is it fair? 

Alchemist is a Dutch company, their mission is to combine high-fashion with an ethical lifestyle, as founder Caroline Mewe believes fashion and ethical business practices to be equally important. The scarf is made by Hellen van Berkel, also a Dutch company. Hellen van Berkel designs single copies or limited editions with an authentic handmade quality. She never does any mass production just to lower the costs. She combines traditional block printing and silkscreen printing with the latest digital print techniques and adds exquisite handmade embroidery. The source of this unique style of embroidery is in India where it creates jobs this way. It also keeps the handcraft alive because these skills have been passed down through generations. Combining material and technique, Hellen creates original work. Beside her small production in silk, she also has a line in ecological fabric : modal. 

The earrings are from La Ville Jewelry. They are designed and handmade in Belgium. The headband is handmand by a girl in Londen who sold her beautiful goodies on Spittafields Market.