Who made my purse?

Dear fair people,

You may noticed it already: Maryshoppings is totally in love with the fashionable designs from Abel, a Dutch company that designs goodies out of leftover-leather.

Letty Scheers, the designer, makes everything herself in her studio in Groningen, the Netherlands.

She hates waste but loves quality. Hey, that sounds familiar ūüôā

Some eye-candy for you :

I don’t know about you but she had me by the first sight.

As you may know, I also write for the blog Fabulousfairfashion and a month ago I interviewed Letty about her vision on fair fashion.

Letty: “Fairfashion for me is fashion with consciousness, made with a clear eye for people and environment. On this moment the industry stands too much on clothes who are produced in countries with bad working quality and too little focus on environmental issues.

I refuse to work that way.

It’s really important for me that I have enough transparency to my customers.

I use recycled leather, leftover-leather and eco-leather. What I use and where it comes from is something that my customer needs to know. To increase the¬†knowledge of¬†the customer, I’m currently busy with making ‘Bag-Passports’. My bags soon have¬†their own passports with all the information you need to feel comfortable and to sleep with a clear consciousness. ”

You can read the whole interview in Dutch over here.

So who made by purse?


Letty did! 


Thank you so much Mrs Scheers ūüôā

And now a happy announcement to finish : YOU can buy your own Abel-purse with your own preferences at Maryshoppings!

A balloon bag costs 159 euro.

Some teasers to totally convince you :



Write an email to maryshoppingsblog@gmail.com with your preferences at the end of this week!

XoXo Mary


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