Something old, something new,..

Hi dear fair fashionista’s, 

This week I present to you a couple of ‘old’ catches that I combined with some new, pretty and honest stuff.

It’s sale season and one of my habits then is to undertake a sustainable shopping trip to Brussels. I present you here one of my recent catches, combined with some honest clothing I shopped online!

When I give information about my outfits, I often notice that there are 2 different opinions towards 2nd-hand fashion.

Some people love the idea of almost-new stuff from great designers so very nicely (often hand)made or vintage pieces still in great shape.

Others are getting goosebumps at that very moment. 2nd-hand gives them an unpleasant feeling. For a lot of people it stays something dirty because it’s from people you don’t know.

I personally think that in our consumption-culture of today, there are a lot of great pieces that are ‘thrown’ away, just for creating more closet space.  With the possibilities to clean clothes these days, I think it’s really more dirty to buy something in a fast-fashion-store where it’s full of chemicals from the production and also fitted by far more people..

But hey that’s only my opinion 🙂

For the non-believer-camp , I gave it a shot to convince you guys, see for yourself darlings 🙂



Styling information : Shirt & Skirt : OLD/ Jacket + accessories : NEW

Shirt : Christian Dior by Isabelle Bajart, Skirt : French Connection from 2nd-Handstore in Cologne.

Jacket : Ambrym by Shopethica, Accessories by Maryshoppings :

Hair accessory : MIMZ, Necklace : All Things We Like , Watch : Kerbholz

PS: Stay tuned for all my Brussels-eco-shopping-tips!

XoXo Mary



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