A new Year of Fun!

Hi dear peopz,


A new year! Yay! New chances and new opportunities are coming.

I wish you all the best, may you dream big and find the courage to try hard.

Fair fashion has gotten a lot more attention these days so I’m confident that there will be more and more change more for the good in the future.

I give you 3 reasons to be confident:

  1. I don’t know about you but I really read more about fair fashion in media lately.  In Belgian papers, there is slightly more interest, in the first week of the new year, I offer you an example out of ‘De Morgen’, I read this article and present to you the good news myself :
Schermafbeelding 2016-01-06 om 13.40.20
Source : Rankabrand.nl

Yes dear jeanslover, you can choose now in your favorite fair pants!

2) A lot of (Young) Belgian and Dutch Labels claim to have attention for fair fashion.

Examples : Ilke Cop , LN Knits & LN Beanies, Linda VS, Hooked,Wintervacht, Van Hulley, VaniliaOphelia Lingerie, Valerie Berckmans, Abeldesign

You can read about the vision of the last 3 in my article for FabulousFairFashion over here.

3) For those of you who can’t seem to find honest clothes nearby and are really eager to shop with discount in this period, I offer you 3 honest outfits with discount, to shop out of your chair! Click on the item below the picture to buy.

Dress : Studio JUX by Goodfibrations /Cardigan : People Tree by Goodfibrations/ Shoes : Swedish Hasbeens by Supergoods/ Earrings & Necklace : Mme Butterfly by Maryshoppings
Trouser: Armedangels by Goodfibrations / Boyfriend Jeans: Kuyichi by Supergoods/ Shoes : Wills by Chevalierdespieds/ Scarf : Hellen van Berkel, Earrings : MIMZ, both by Maryshoppings


Dress : People tree by FabulousfairfashionCardigan : Armed Angels by Goodfibrations/Shoes : Toms by Supergoods /Sunglasses : Kerbholz by Maryshoppings


I hope you are ready for this year and happy to be part of the fair revolution!

XoXo Mary


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