An honest bow !

Hi dear fair fashion people,


As you may know, once a week I also write once for FabulousfairFashion, an extremely cool and honest webshop for clothing, based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

This week we offered some clear-consciousness-gift tips because what’s nicer to give than that, right? We made an honest bow on all of our presents. You can read our motives over here

Why I love to share it again with all you Maryshoppings-fans out here is because you can totally WIN a clothing or accessory-budget at Fabulousfairfashion AND Maryshoppings!

How do you win your fair outfit?

Follow Fabulousfairfashion & Maryshoppings on Facebook and follow all the steps.

Good luck sweethearts! I really wish you a beautiful outfit for the holidays!


We, from the fair-fashion-squat over here, are really eager to get together  with family and friends and of course we looove to style our own honest clothes.

Therefore a sneak peak in the getting-ready-to-party process of this week :

And ow yeah, we’re taking a bow again.. 😉

Styling information : 

Shirt : People Tree by Fabulousfairfashion/ Bow-tie : Two-O, Purse : MadebyMir, Watch : Kerbholz, all by Maryshoppings/ Earrings : La Ville Jewelry 


Have a great time!

XoXo Mary 

Bekijk het profiel van Stefanie op Pinterest.//




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