Listening to a body..

That’s exactly what Lingerie Designer Ophelia does when she designs her soft, delicate, sophisticated pieces.

All the lingerie is made out of qualitative materials, 100% designed and produced in Antwerp.

I have met Ophelia a couple of weeks ago during the Press days in Antwerp. Actually, I first saw her exquisite pieces of beauty.. hanging in a corner and they immediately caught my eye. There was something about them..

When I was talking with the designer, I found a soft-hearted woman with a strong personality. And let just that aspect exactly be why her collection shined out for me.

Ophelia really listens to a womans body and even better: she listens to the person who adores woman the most. With her project ‘(fl)uisteren‘ (a Dutch word meaning something in between whispering and listening) in which she wrote letters together with different men about their significant other. Based on their stories, she designed unique lingerie pieces. She believed that uncensored and authentic pieces would arise when bypassing the rationalizations, insecurities and assumptions of women. 

Why is this lingerie fair to me? 

  • It is handcrafted by the designer in Belgium
  • She buys her fabrics in Paris from leftover stocks so nothing goes to waste
  • This particular limited edition collection is made out of overstock silk and french lace (designed & produced in France!)

We talked a while and she admitted that it is very difficult to know everything about the origine and journey of all her fabrics but that she really is doing the best she can to obtain that knowledge and walks always with the fairest option. I personally believe that this fair heart has and will contribute a lot of nice things to fashion and more in particular, your closet?


You can find all the info about Ophelia over here.


XoXo Mary




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