Hellow Rudolph!

Hellow fair people,

A couple of weeks ago, I was a guest in Brussels in a verrry nice apartment close to the Dansaert-quartier. I was invited by my photographer, architect and above all good friend Mrs. Evy.

She has a very clean, almost minimalistic architectural style and that’s also respected in the clean decoration of the apartment. But when I was drinking coffee and gossiping all day..I noticed a little mister in the corner who wasn’t minimalistic at all. In fact he was green and all glittery.

To cut this story short : I met Rudolph, it was an instant crush and now you know why I’m all Raindeers, christmas and presents-like in November 🙂

Who’s with me?


Styling information : 

Jeansshirt : People Tree by Fabulousfairfashion / Trousers : People Tree / Watch : Kerbholz, Scarf Hellen van Berkel, both by Maryshoppings

Rudolph made a stylish friend too.. 😉

A snowy rabbit, ready for the holidays!

Styling information : Scarf by Hellen van Berkel, Snowy rabbit-necklace : MIMZ, both by Maryshoppings

Pictures by Evy Waegeneire

For all you ladies and gentlemen who are feeling the Rudolph-vibe and need some gift-inspiration.

I picked some decoration-gifts which are a great fit in a minimalistic home interior with some cosy accents..take a peak!






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