A Dreamy Mood

Dear fair fashion people,

I’m finding myself in a bit of a sugar sweet mood and Yeah I’m a sharing-person so jump on my white train and let’s have a ride in the clouds 😉

There’s a good chance that the fashionable shoot of Mme Butterfly is responsible for my mood.



Madame Butterfly on the stage?

No puccini-lover, I mean the one from Antwerp with the great jewelry.

Mme Butterfly is a concept by the Belgian jewellery designer Elke Peeters. She is the heart and soul of the wonderful collections with the sustainable product ‘porcelain’.

Contemporary design is central in this collection. Every part is handmade by Elke herself with the greatest love and care in the Mme Butterfly’s studios in Belgium. Imperfections and irregularities are part of the unique character of the jewel ❤

Besides ‘Mme Butterfly’, Elke also makes on-demand designs, always in line with her own great style of course. If you fancy a more exclusive style, take a look at her collection from Maison Elke Peeters’.

01_03 01_05

Tamara Deridder (photography), Caroline Quirynen (MU&H), Evelien De Potter (MU&H), Amber Dyck (model), Heidi Van Tielen (model), Shani Verbeek (model), Maureen (artist, model & ambassadress), Stefanie Carrijn (styling), Wim Van Osselaer (productphotography), Garderobe+ (showroom)

Now back to my dreamy mood!

Besides great pictures of a lovely shoot, there are a few other things which are creating a happy feeling. Sure, unicorns and chocolate pudding are definitely on the list, but..

I’m a woman who loves beautiful things and yes ‘Maryshoppings’ admits, consumption makes my pulse go faster… still.

This past year, I took you in this blog on my journey through alternatives, to consume less for a start and when I consume.. to do it with a clear consciousness.

In my journey to alternatives, I offered space on my webshop to people who deserved that space from an ethical point of view.

For me, production is the most important factor in my selection for labels and that’s also why I really love handmade (in Belgium) goodies like Mme Butterfly.

I wear them on an everyday base, they not always make me dreamy in my crazy full-agenda-life but they sure make me smile once in a while.

Ring : Mme Butterfly by Maryshoppings
Ring : Mme Butterfly by Maryshoppings


_MG_7877 exp

Shirt :Portocolonia by Fabulousfairfashion / Short sweater : Komodo by Fabulousfairfashion/ Necklace : MadebyMir / Earrings : Mme Butterfly / Necklace & Earrings by Maryshoppings


_DSC8834 _DSC8701


Scarf : Hellen van Berkel / Necklace : Mme Butterfly / Both by Maryshoppings

I hope my mood is a bit contagious, smile harder and share the Mme Butterfly love with a clear consiousness! 

Goodies for sale at Maryshoppings


Mary aka Stefanie


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