What about the boys?

Hi Fairfashion lovers,

Last week I announced the feeling of a million butterflies in my stomach. It was Love, yes love for new fair fashion goodies.

I offered you a peek in the Maryshoppings-accessory selection for this winter.

Now it’s time for the boys!

I’m aware of the fact that it’s more an image thing with you guys. Colour-issues in the dressing? No, not happening.

Image-ego-things in the elevator at work? Yeah every day 😉 And hey, you want to win, I get it! It’s a gene-thing. So you should be glad that I’m playing for your team, studs!

I present to you four stunning looks to brighten every elevator-showdown. Ow yeah.

First Look : Friends would say you’re a ‘serious type’. You like structure and clear communication. Life isn’t always like you have planned it which is a shame cause you planned it so well 😉 Your outfit has to be clean and clear as well. This grey shirt offers you a lot of possibilities. The bow tie makes it a little playful yet sophisticated and the sunglasses are a perfect fit with the bow tie. Because you are a busy type, you often carry a lot of stuff around so that’s why you need this big bag with a hawk. Not a coincident that this bird rules the air 😉

Shirt : Knowledge Cotton Apparel by Supergoods / Bag : Fikay / Bow Tie : Two-O / Sunglasses : Kerbholz / Bag,Bow, Sunglasses by Maryshoppings

Second Look : In your heart you’re a classic boy. Actually you’re already a man but the boyish-side in you wants to come out once in a while. You have a nice position at work so you have to look a bit bossy. That’s why you can’t forget the essentials like a blue shirt and a dark wooden watch. But with yeah that boyish accent, hence the bow and the camel bag.

Shirt : People Tree by Supergoods / Bag : Fikay / Bow tie : Two-O / Watch : Kerbholz /Bag, Bow and watch by Maryshoppings

Third Look : You are young and your job is situated in an arty sector. Hello Mister Photographer or Graphic Designer! You can afford it to look a bit party-like on an everyday-base, good for you! Now this is how you dress for succes :

Shirt : Knowledge Cotton Apperel by Supergoods / Bag : Fikay / Bow Tie : Two-O / Watch : Kerbholz / Bag, Bow and watch by Maryshoppings

Fourth Look : You are (almost) the youngest mister of the office. You know that a shirt looks better. Mommy is right. It does. So you pick this one, playful but stylish. You need the bow tie with denim to remind everyone that you’re having a more important life besides this: it calls weekend and it’s Fa-bu-lous. The sunglasses are so fly *ow yeah* and the bag is an allrounder: work, weekend,.. name a place where he hasn’t been with you 😉 

Shirt : Knowledge Cotton Apparel by Supergoods / Bag : Fikay / Bow Tie : Two-O / Sunglasses : Kerbholz / Bag, Bow and sunglasses by Maryshoppings

So, now take a *bow* and go to work guys! Team #Maryshoppings for the win 😉




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