Fair (Accessory) Combinations by your colour

Dear FairFashionlovers,

My heart is in overdrive these days! No I’m not sick fortunately, I’m just overstimulated by this new collection *googlie eyes*

So much new and beautifull things and you can love them with a clear consciousness, as I already selected them for their ecofashion-grade 😉

I present to you a couple of fair accessory combinations from my selection on Maryshoppings. I added a fair fashion dress from FabulousFairFashion everytime so dear fashionista, you don’t have an excuse for not going slow 😉

As a stylist I also studied the difference in colour and body-types of people, knowing what your colour and body type is, makes it easier to choose a piece of clothing or accessory that creates a harmonic look. As I started as a sceptic about the colour-thinking myself, I totally agree with you, fashion-ladies, that it isn’t always necessary to create a harmonic look. Sometimes it’s nice to shock a little with colour and even with style. But if you want a day where your clothing just fits but still can be seen as completely united ( don’t fool yourself gorgeous, every woman has them : the regular days 😉 ), here are some suggestions for your colour scheme:


  • You have a peachy skin-tone and your hair has a copper-tone, you have warm eyes (brown,green)
Scarf by Hellen van Berkel / Neclace by MIR
Dress : Culture Fabric by FabulousFairFashion

Winter – girl

  • You have skin with a pink under-tone and ash-hair, you have one eye-color. You are a Snowwhite-type or a Spanish-type
Purse & Necklace by Made by MIR / Earrings by Mimz
Dress Komodo by FabulousFairFashion


Your skin has a peachy tone, your hair has a copper tone and you have warm eyes (green, brown)

Necklace by Allthingswelike / Scarf by Hellen van Berkel
Dress People Tree by FabulousFairFashion


  • Your skin has a pink under-tone, your hair has an ash-tone and you have soft (grey-blue) eyes
Komodod-MEDINA-Dress - light denim
Dress : Komodo by FabulousFairFashion
Scarf by Hellen van Berkel / Earrings & Necklace by MIMZ

So, dear fashionable ladies, we’re at the end of this tour in the new collection, if you have questions about a combination, want some advice, or you like tips for an ideal combination for your haircolour and skin tone, don’t hesitate, just ask : maryshoppingsblog@gmail.com


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