Coming up : Mary’s Birthday

Hi folks,

I’m glad to announce my 28th birthday.

This year no upcoming tears or a silent treatment of my birthday.

I’m happy with my age and with my position in life as I know it 🙂

Happiness all over the place and I’m hoping to make it a bit contagious..

But first things first! With a birthday comes a wishlist! (Ok not always and with everyone maybe but as a recovering retail-therapy-victim..well you know the drill..)

Coat : Ambrym/ Dress : Ivana Helsinki /Stockings : 40Denier/ Shoes : Sydney Brown/Top : Daniel Silverstein/ Skirt : Amour Vert/ Bag : Stella Mccartney for Adidas / Bra : La Fille d’oh / Shoes : Timberland / SuperheroClutch : Stella Mccartney

For those who think I exaggerated a little : GO AWAY. No just kidding, you’re totally right 😉 But when I think of all the nice combinations I can make with these little treasures.. well let’s say my happiness lefes really don’t know any limits today..

So I promised a little happiness-flue : starting today till the week after my birthday (7 sept) you can use an extra discount-code on Maryshoppings : MARYBIRTHDAY

Have a verrrrrry Happy day 😉


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