Not single but ready to mingle, then.. I met her…

Dear Fair People,


I met a dress last week. She looked (yes, a lady, no doubt) very sweet, a little sophisticated and not a bit old.


Well actually, she was. The lady is 30 years old.

I met her at a homesale from Fabulous Fair Fashion last week, when I snooped in the 2nd- hand department. There she was : 30 years old, the only one of her kind, so single and ready to mingle! What can I say?

With my crib in the eighties.. I feel there’s a connection. I now wear her with love, a naughty apple and vintage kitten heels that I’ve bought at DOEK pop-up

FullSizeRender FullSizeRender[1]

Well now, I have good news for all you fair ladies out there.. the dress..well I hold on to that one for a while but the apple..hmm not so sure, I think I let another fashionista steal that thunder 😉

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