Dear scarf, what’s your age?

Dear Fair People,

As I pointed out earlier (FabulousFairFashion and on Maryshoppings), buying second-hand-clothing is an interesting way to shop more ethically.

I learned from ‘Repair if you Care’ (this site) that there’s a difference between the technical durability of a product and the economical feasibility. “Repair if you Care” focusses mostly on the repair of electronical equipment but they also provide information about other products like clothing.

The time that clothing “lives inside your closet” is approximately 1 to 4 years.

The time that clothing “actually lives” is a lot longer; certainly if you’re into slow fashion. How clothes are made is an important factor that contributes to the durability but also how they are taking care of. To prove this, I styled an outfit with slow fashion as a first and a second owner, a fast fashion item I treated well and some ethical goodies that are made from sustainable materials or that have served for a good cause.

2nd Hand : Melon shirt & Silk Scarf La Perla

Slow fashion : Satin Black trousers from Patrizia Pepe (5 years old)

Ethical goodies : Shoes from Toms and Necklace from All Things We Like

Fast fashion that I treated well : Zebra Shirt H&M (6 years old)

2e hands orange 1 tweedehands orange 2


When I was shopping in Brussels at my favorite high-end-2nd-hand-store Isabelle BajartI saw this melon colored silk scarf. It felt so soft and light and I had to give this beauty a 2nd life. Well now she’s living it partly inside my closet, but luckily, mostly out of it 🙂

I don’t know how old you are, dear scarf, and I don’t know your story. I can only promise you a new one.



Pictures by Evy Waegeneire


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