‘Mooi’ : A Pretty Invitation Alert!

Schermafbeelding 2015-05-18 om 17.04.02
Photographer : Pieter van den Boogert

‘Fashion is about beauty and the story behind fashion can be equally beautiful’

Bruno Pieters, Belgian Fashion Designer of Honest By Bruno Pieters
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Photographer : Pieter Van Den Boogert

If you are the owner of a fashionable heart, you know that you’re often seen as a superficial spoiled little brat without a descent look at the world.

Caring about who made your clothes and being a true fashionista can be the fact though.

I would like to invite all the (non-) believers to come and meet us at Mooi Festival in Antwerp.

What can you aspect?

* You can listen to some wise fair words from Niels Oskam (Rank A Brand), Willa Stoutenbeek (W.Green)  and a few more! This speakers will definitely rock your view on fair fashion.

* You can meet designers like with a clear, sustainable vision on fashion, they already brought their plan in action and love to pry with it on the fair. 😉 

* If you want to practice what you heard, you can buy some lovely goodies in the market

If you want to prepare what you going to wear at the festival, this app can certainly help you do it!

More sustainable apps over here.

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All you want to know about Mooi Festival, you can find over HERE


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