When in Greek…. : Aphrodite and Olives!

Hello Everyone,

For those who follow me on instagram, it does not come as a surprise that I’ve enjoyed a vacation in Greece, land of the gods, goddesses and olive trees.

I enjoyed ancient history, James Bond filming locations, beautiful beaches, great views and yes I enjoyed the greek womans too!

In my opinion Aphrodite is still sticking her nose in the little-lady-baby-making because the greek womans still have the goddess’way of shining 😉  I’ve been searching for their secret for almost 2 weeks and I’ve come to the understanding that the olive trees should get some credits too (sorry Aphrodite, please don’t punish me with ugly babies).

They often use organic skin treatments based upon olive oil.

Organic? Sounds like music in my ears so I went on a beauty investigation and I present to you my report :

I went for the treatments of The Fresh Line, their philosophy: to create hand-made, imaginative products in original forms and with effective formulas based on fresh, organic and safe ingredients from the rich Greek nature. 

1) Face peeling for deep cleaning (advice : 3 times/week)

2) Hydrating and calming mask

3)  Face and eyes emulsion

image10 As you can see, I have a pale, sensitive skin with natural blush and a little rash thanks to my bangs. My beauty routine? I’m proud to tell you that I’m a day-cream  user since the early nillies. image3 image4image5 image8image6

I consulted the lovely shop ladies in Athens and they gave me the advice to follow up my deep cleaning with a soft, relaxing mask to calm down my skin. They make the masks in the shop with all the ingredients that fit your skin. In my case : a sensitive skin with a blurry T-zone, a skin that has to survive make-up, sun and tons of stress (you bad controlfreak-woman!) image9  image12

The result of my little treat : a well hydrated and relaxed skin. It really feels fresh and soft! I say : 30 minutes well spent! * After a couple of weeks I can add that the emulsion is a bit too much for my skin to do it everyday, one time a week shall be great!


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