Pimp my Hat!

Dear fair friends,

I’ve been approached with a challenge :

Choose your favorite sports hat on Fanatics and style away !

Well now, I’m not a huge sports fan myself and I’m actually also more a classic-with-a-twist-styler than a comfy-sporty-one so YES it was a challenge 🙂

I accepted on the condition that my selected pieces can be fair!

I’ve chosen a cherry-red hat from the Reds and honestly, there’s no big story here,  I ‘ve just been seduced by the great colour 😉

Now how should I style it?

It’s no surprise that my kinda-classic-styler sub-conscience took over a little..

Schermafbeelding 2015-04-25 om 09.55.07

The Styling Files :

Trousers : Miss Green

Cropped Top : ASOS reclaimed Vintage velvet top

Shoes : Stella Mc Cartney

Purse : Stella Mc Cartney

Sunglasses : Kerbholz

Watch : WEWOOD

Hairtip : wear it wavy and loose

Why is this outfit fair? 

The trousers are from the Dutch label ‘Miss Green‘ ,which stands for sustainable fabrics, an honest production and a nice eco-footprint. The top is Reclaimed Vintage from a limited-edition collection from ASOS, made from vintage fabrics and up-cycled original vintage pieces. The shoes and the purse are from Stella Mc Cartney who made a company statement to be a responsible, honest, and a modern company. The Sunglasses are from the German company ‘Kerbholz‘ who have the sustainable idea to plant a tree for every wooden, handmade product they sell. 

The watch is from WEWOOD, they also plant a tree for every wooden piece they sell.


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