Who made my clothes?

Fashion Revolution

*  Is it important to you who made your clothes?

*  Is it important to you that those people work in a healthy environment ?

*  Is it important to you that those people are getting an honest pay for an honest work?

If you answered *YES* three times, than please show that you care and post a picture of yourself with your clothes inside-out and holding a card with ‘who made my clothes’  and the hashtag ‘#fashrev’ on friday 24th of april.

Want more persuasion? Click HERE

If you think that you will forget it, you can join this thunderclap online : JOIN

IMG_0116I’m wearing a black dress,Belgian design from the label ‘Natalie Vleeschouwer’. This is what my label tells me :

FullSizeRenderThank u so much Mrs. Vleeschouwer!

Picture and movie made at Fairfashionfestival Ghent on 1st of March 2015


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