Froufrou is graduated!

Hello Everyone,

I’m sneaking in the blog again cause I really want to tell you guys my latest adventure :

I’ve been to school!

Actually my big friends call it that way but I call it the giant cookie-dog-place!

I had to go there cause I’ve been attacked by big dogs for a couple of times now and I have become a little scared if I see one coming, so I bark a lot on the street and that’s somehow not done if you’re so fluffy like me..


Don’t want to brag or anything but I haven’t learned that much there. I already was an educated dog, you know. I could follow my big friends around (if I wanted to..), I could sit (if I wanted to..) etc. But I learned that if I follow better and sit longer, I get cheese!  Seriously, I’m like a cheesedog, I looove it!


I really don’t know why I had to jump over those sticks, I didn’t understand it so I said NO!

Yes, I have a clear opinion, I’m one of those dogs yes… Just to be clear, I jumped! What can I say..they had cheese *mmm*

Ok next : a weird blue tunnel, I’m going in!image5 image6Ow that’s so sweet, my bosses are on the other side.

This trick below wasn’t new for me. I could sit way before this lesson came along but I did it longer here.. cause you know the drill by now…they had cheese!


So what did I learned? 

– I have to walk right beside my big friends

– If I bark to ugly big not-so-fluffy-dogs, I have to walk in a little circle until I calm down

– I get a lot of playtime if I listen a lot

 Nah nothing of this matters beside this one : I love cheese

I wish you guys so much cheese you gonna dieeeeee!

Big paw, Froufrou


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