Maryshoppings’ tips in Antwerp

Hello everyone,

As you know by now, I’m living in Antwerp, Belgium.

It’s the fashion capital of this country where the big-mouth-people live, party and brag about their city. I’m not born here so when the online tourguide Citypath asked me to share my tips in town, I felt so flattered 🙂

Here you can see the results of the shoot with Antwerp as a beautiful view.



Styling : Jumpsuit : Miss Green / Shirt : House of Dagmar by Baby Beluga, Antwerp / Neckless : AllThingsWeLike / Shoes : Toms / Sunglasses : Ray Ban

You can read my 8 tips in the article over HERE but for my blog-loving friends, I love to add some extra goodies about my favorite neighborhood in Antwerp :

I lived in the South part of the city for almost two years now and I really like a lot of the places there.

* Yes my dear, guilty as charged on the coffee-addict-department, so I know my way around for a good cup of the black gold :

My 2 favorite places on the south part : Revista and Tinsel : they both serve delicious coffee and treats in a cosy atmosphere.

* Coffee, cake, wine, food and even a guest room : Patine

* In for a Sex and the City-moment? Go sipping over here : Sipsreservation needed in the weekend, Josephine’s, they also serve delicious food, and last but not least Bar Zar, a cocktailbar where the interior shows different moods.

* You are a foodie and looking for a personal treatment, stop by Puur Personal Cooking, don’t forget to make an early reservation!

* You are a foodie and looking for great sushi? Go to the lovely temple of Umami

Hope you enjoy Antwerp as much as me!



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