Froufrou’s Fashionable Diary!

Hello you guys,

You may know it already, I have a busy life! As you already have read on this blog I have to share my attention with my ladyfriends other passions, one of them being fashion.. but I don’t mind actually. I give you a peek in my diary and than you can see the positive sides yourself :

– I get to go to a lot of cool places where people often have an instant crush on me and spoil me just a little bit


Ow there are the models…I go and introduce myself! (Instant crushes coming up!)


– There’s always a lot of soft fashionable stuff at home that I try to steal and take to my sleeping spot as fast as possible, especially shoes. I love to gather them into my little cosy house and then I try to hide but they always find me..


– There are a lot of new things all the time ..


– Sometimes when my ladyfriend catches me with a piece I’ve stolen out of her closet, she likes to punish me a little by having to try it on..

Froufrou voor SilkRoute
I don’t know about you but I personally do not think that blue is my colour

– I love soft fabrics! Yummy!

Silk Route 4

– I’m not always at home. Sometimes I accompany her doing fashion errands :

Here we are at an Antwerp Fashion Agency (Garderobe+) to gather clothes for a shoot. I first thought that I was not the only dog there but when I wanted to play with the other one I discovered that it was me all along! My god I’m such a doll, ok I’m a little vain maybe 😉

Internship spiegeltje

– Sometimes when I’m on a shoot, people like to integrate me in the picture, I’m not complaining. A couple of weeks ago I was on the shoot from Fairfashionfestival in Ghent and the photographer liked to lent me for a photo with my ladyfriend. Though I was a bit tired of all the models who wanted to play with me, I went along! Take a look and love!

Stefanie roodkapje
Picture by Jan Lietaert / Information about the cape : read here

And actually I have to be honest, when I’m not invited into the picture, I like to just sneek in too..

_MG_6042 2
Picture by Evy Waegeneire / Styling info read over here

You can laugh with it all you want too but that’s how I got my second personal post , all the pictures of my little coup are over here!

And luckily she likes it!




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