Froufrou’s day out

Hello you guys,

I thought it was about time that I made a second post ALL about ME.

I have a busy life surrounded by a ladyfriend who really takes care of me, you may know her already.. I also have a man friend. I love him too but he scares me more so I listen better to him actually. Is that not a bit strange!

We went to the little playground in my neighbourhood, I know the tiny humans there, I try to be friendly but they are so loud…. *rolleyes*

After that,  our walk continued to the park nearby, I absolutely looove it there, I have a secret stash of treats for when they are angry with me and I don’t get any sweets. One of my smarter moves I think…*happy face* The only flaw in this genius plan of mine.. is that I can’t go there by myself.. 😦


_MG_5979 2

_MG_5978 2
I’m so happy

_MG_5999 2

_MG_6002 2

_MG_6042 2
We’re in the park and she gives me treats *mmmm*

_MG_6018 2

I saw another dog, I’m seriously concerned that he will find my secret stash, she’s laughing, she obviously knows nothing about it..

_MG_6029 2

_MG_6060 2
My 2 best friends! They also love each other but I’m sure they love me more..

Stefanie : Shirt : Paul&Joe / Jacket : Supertrash, bought 2nd hand from another fashionista Mirror of Fashion on Fashionup/ Pants : AF Vandevorst/ Shoes : BCBG By Max Azria / Scarf : Hellen van Berkel

Thomas : Jacket : Stephan Schneider

Froufrou : Real Fur 😉

Pictures by Evy Waegeneire


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