Hello addiction, always nice to meet again..

In my humble opinion :

One should always start their every-day-styling with proper attention for lingerie. It makes your clothes looks nicer and most important : it makes you feel better.

In that mindset, I admit that I have a very full little closet 😉

This week my fair treasurehunt brought me to the lovely ethical designer   Stella McCartney with this sweet thing :

I looove the combination between sweet, playful and sophisticated
It feels so soft!

FullSizeRender[2]In this Valentine month, I guess there will be much more treasurehunting for the little closet so if you’re a fair lady like me or a fair man with a plan, you might find some sweetness over here :

Under Protection

La fille d’oh : Belgian!

Pants of Poverty

Luva Huva

Clare Bare

Brook There

Stella McCartney

A couple of my personal favorites :

Brook There 1
Brook There  : Cosy but stylish!
Clare Bare 1
ClareBare : Soft & Sexy
Clare Bare 2
ClareBare : Wonderful bottoms!
ClareBare 3
ClareBare : Sweet Chic
Luva Huva : sophisticated and beautiful!
Stella McCartney
Stella McCartney : no words needed, no sleep either…
Luva Huva : Red lace but so classy..

So I hope you now know that there are plenty of ethical, beautiful and soft materials out there to spoil yourself with or maybe, in this month, being spoiled with 😉

Have a happy and gorgeous Valentine everyone!


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