Not a hippie but a hottie!

‘Geiten wollen is a Dutch company who -like yours truly-  doesn’t like the ‘hippie image’ associated with fair and ecological clothing.  They do like to sell honest fashion; honest to humans and honest to nature. They give this message with shirts made out of organic cotton and with special attention to all prescriptions for the FAIR WEAR-Logo.

They have a lovely range of male shirts, which brings me to my weekly suggestion of my month theme : ‘Shop honest Presents for your Man’

(previous honest man suggestions : A fair boxershort and A shirt to safe an animal

I ordered my favorites of ‘Geitenwollen’ to make my man’s image fair, honest and totally hot! See for it yourself.

Great service! We got a sweet card with our delivery
*cheer* the package is arrived!
*cheer* the package is arrived!

And Ta-daaa : My personal choices of the male shirts :

Mr Fancy goat and the a soft basic in an ideal colour to pop his eyes 🙂

image5 image2

Fair Logo information : 

– No childlabour

-No forced labour

– Safe and healthy work environment

– A legal labour contract

– An honest wage

– Freedom of professional organization and the right to negotiate

– No discrimination of employers

– No excessive workhours

You find more information about the Fair Wair Logo over HERE


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