From shirt to boxer : Upcycling with ‘Van Hulley ‘

It’s a man’s world this month!

For all you guys out there: this month is full of *sugar* for your appearance: Tips to turn you in a fair and fashionable man in 2015 ow yeah!

For all the not-so-single-ladies out there : I offer you gift tips to make your man even more *yummie*

I introduce to you.. Upcycling

Upcycling basically means that you take something that you do not need anymore in his natural form and re-use it in another shape.

For example : My man had still a lot of pre-work clothes in his closet and in my christmassy gift mood (and maybe also just a tiny little bit because I can use the closet space), I gave myself a solution for this peculiar problem.. I gave away a lot of clothes to a social program in the neighborhood  but there’s always that one piece that really means something to you or is actually worth keeping.. The shirt in the pictures is not really my style but we share great memories about it so it deserved a special treatment!

The Shirt
The Shirt
My man, The Shirt
My man, The Shirt








That special treatment became a Van Hulley -experiment! I learned about the Van Hulley initiative on the Mint Platform at the Fashion Fair in Amsterdam and I just fell for this wonderfull project. Van Hulley uses old shirts and turns them into boxershorts and does it very nicely I may add. They are also doing great storytelling as you can see in the pictures beneath : nice envelope, nice poetry and a congrats-card.

Cute envelope to send your old favorite shirt in
Cute envelope to send your old favorite shirt in


Poetry in the Gift Box
Poetry in the Gift Box

And Taa-daaaa : The boxershort 🙂




Mission accomplished! I did some Upcycling from a shirt that wasn’t used as a shirt anymore and turned it into a Fair Christmas gift to make my man even more *yummie*

Stay tuned for more man-treats this month!


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