*How How How* Eco is your tree?

It’s getting colder outside and….Mister Santa is right around the corner!

So it’s quite possible, ladies, that you’re already in the decorate-mood to make your living room totally christmassy 🙂

For those of you who are : I would like to share an idea to give your christmastree an eco-touch because what fits more the christmas spirit than a caring heart, right?

3 years ago my boyfriend and I bought a paper christmastree, which we can re-use for several years- and every year we are trying to find a new creative way to decorate it.

Year 1 : stuffed it full of cuddly animals
Year 1 : stuffed it full of cuddly animals

Christmastree 2
Year 2 : We made baubles out of pictures we made in the past year

We bought ours from ‘O Denneboom‘ at Decovry: You can find them over Here



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