Fashionista’s Closet

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Are you a fashion victim? If you’re quite familiar with the following situation, than I think we have an answer:

You really appreciate the nice choice of fabrics, the great lining and the fine design of clothing. There is always somewhere a perfect piece of clothing which without your closet can’t be considered complete. And while you read this, you are already dreaming about it, your stomach fills itself with a butterfly-like feeling, you get that happy glow on your cheeks, your eyes start to sparkle and your mind is all of a sudden in a state of woozyness and somewhere in the middle of *labelheaven*.

Cause ow yeah you have something on your imaginary list that is perfect, that is soft, that is nice and looks surprisingly well with at least 3 other items in your closet.. oh god yes, that piece!

Was this recognizable? I’m sorry honey, You’re guilty as charged!

 Now ask yourself: do I need it?

Off course not sweety, your closet is full of great stuff and you already have to negotiate every season with your significant other to conquer a bit of his closet space, because get a grip man! A dude can’t wear skirts and dresses, it’s a very logical conclusion that he has to move over.. just a little bit more…

 But do U want it? Ow yes. YES. YEEEEEES!!! A thousand times YES.

 Now easy tiger!

Before you grab your darling heels and start running to Wonderland..

Realize that you’re not alone! A lot of other fashion victims like you, already bought it and yes….. They have lost the fight this season! The lack of space brought them to do the unthinkable:

    Clear out the dressing!

 So take a peak in their closet, re-use something so nice and while you’re at it.. Do your wallet a favour!

So take care of your heart, let it skip a beat while watching other fellow fashionistas’ closets and sleep well tonight cause you did something good!

You took it slow 😉

Where do u find their closets online?

Wanna be absolutely sure that it’s a real fashionista you’re buying from? Shop the blogsters’closets  at Fashionup

Designers alert! : 

Vestiaire Collective



Designer Vintage

Big stock of everything : 

2e Hands


Etsy Vintage

Designer Vintage

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